Aga Baking & Roasting Essentials

An extraordinary cooker demands a unique range of cookware. This is why every item in the Aga cookshop range has been manufactured to the same exacting standards as their iconic cooker. These roasting trays, baking dishes and maslin pans are suitable for all heat sources except induction hobs, so you can use them for many years to come.

Did you know?

The Aga cooker was created by a blind Nobel prize winner called Gustaf Dalén. After being confined to his house after losing his sight in an acetylene explosion, he noticed that his wife and maid were spending an inordinate amount of time looking after the cooker. So he decided to invent a new one! The resulting cooker could be left on all of the time without being given constant attention, and combined a heat source with two large hotplates and two ovens.

This cookware range has been designed to perfectly complement these cookers. Their thick bases make them perfect for conducting heat (and using as serving dishes as they will retain their heat whilst looking stylish), and each piece has been designed to be easily stacked. Additionally, these ranges are proudly designed and manufactured in Great Britain, to retain true to the company's roots.