Aga Cookware

An extraordinary cooker demands a unique range of cookware. Each item in the Aga Cookshop range is held to the same exceedingly high standards as their iconic cooker, from original design to final product. Even the materials used are of the highest quality, from traditional cast iron to modern cast aluminium, and even stainless steel. Each item has been specifically designed to perfectly complement your cooker, with their heavy thermal bases and unique stackability.

About Aga cookware


The original patent for making cooking pots using a smelt iron ore with coke was granted by HRH Queen Anne to Abraham Darby I on April 18th 1707. This handwritten patent (held in the Public Record Office in Kew) is the beginning of the Aga Cookshop's 300 years of manufacturing high quality, British kitchen goods, as well as providing the trigger for mass production. This patent provided Darby with the sole permission to create cast-iron pots at the historic Shropshire Coalbrookdale foundry. The company grew and grew, and in 1927 bought the licence for the Aga name from the Swedish company.