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Homewares Clearance

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  • Delfinware 4 Bottle Milk Carrier Graphite Grey
  • Le Creuset 26cm Cast Iron Round Soup Pot Cerise
  • Le Creuset 26cm Cast Iron Soup Pot Teal
  • Le Creuset 28cm Cast Iron Soup Pot Volcanic
  • Brabantia Balance Saucepan 16cm
  • 20cm Brabantia Balance Casseroles

    Brabantia Balance Casseroles

    £41.95 - £48.95
  • 20cm Brabantia Balance Frying Pan

    Brabantia Balance Frying Pan

    £24.95 - £32.95
  • 24cm Brabantia Balance Sautepan

    Brabantia Balance Sautepan

    £44.95 - £55.95
  • Le Creuset 32cm Cast Iron Round Marmite Pot Cerise
  • Le Creuset 26cm Cast Iron Soup Pot Cerise
  • Le Creuset 26cm Cast Iron Soup Pot Flint
  • Wooden Le Creuset Set Of 6 Fondue Forks
  • Volcanic Le Creuset Cast Iron Rectangular Skinny Grill Bundle
  • Stellar Coffee Espresso Maker

    Stellar Coffee Espresso Maker

    £34.95 - £39.95
  • Delfinware Chrome 9 Bottle Wine Rack
  • Delfinware Chrome Wire Trivet
  • Delfinware Chrome Under Shelf Mug Holder
  • Delfinware Rose Gold Bath Tray
  • Delfinware Black 9 Bottle Wine Rack
  • Delfinware Black 6 Bottle Wine Rack
  • Delfinware Black 3 Bottle Wine Rack
  • Le Creuset 28cm Stoneware Fluted Flan Dish
  • Le Creuset 18cm 3 Ply Stainless Steel Deep Casserole
  • Protector 2000 Bosmere Rectangular 8 Seat Patio Set Cover
  • Denby Halo 4 Piece Medium Plate Set
  • Monsoon Mirage Arthur Price Tea Spoons Box
  • Judge Doubled Walled Gravy Pot Black 450ml
  • Cath Kidston Womens Open Tote Gingham Check
  • Arthur Price Monsoon Champagne Mirage 6 Sundae Spoons
  • Storm Black Bosmere Circular Patio Set Cover 4 Seat
  • The Fine Bedding Company Complete Care Pillow Protector Pair
  • The Fine Bedding Company Breathe Duvet packaging

    The Fine Bedding Company Breathe Duvet

    £37.95 - £115.95
  • Dark Green Bosmere Protector 6000 Cantilever Cover

    Bosmere Protector 6000 Cantilever Parasol Cover

    £32.95 - £36.95
  • Storm Black Bosmere Protector 6000 XL Parasol Cover
  • Storm Black Patio Set Cover 6 Seater

    Bosmere Protector 6000 Rectangular Patio Set Cover 6 Seat

    £54.95 - £60.95
  • Dark Green Bosmere Giant Parasol Cover

    Bosmere Protector 6000 Giant Parasol Cover

    £22.75 - £23.35

Our Homewares clearance offers a wide range of high-quality items perfect for updating and adding to your home. Le Creuset are is a reliable brand newly added to our homewares clearance range; dating back from 1925 due to their success they have expanded ever since, built to last this brand is a perfect one to invest in, take a look at our homewares clearance to discover their wide range of colours and sizes and see what amazing deals we have on this diverse range. Another brand in our homewares clearance definitely worth taking a look at are the Fine Bedding company. High quality bedding is at the heart of this company’s focus. Ranging from pillows of different firmness’s. to duvets of different weights to see you through the seasons. Take a look at our homewares clearance to make sure you don’t miss out on these amazing offers.