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Kitchen and Dining

Kitchen and Dining

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  • Tiger SIGG Meridian Sumatra Thermo Flask
  • Black SIGG Hot & Cold ONE Light Thermo Flask
  • Forward SIGG Traveller MyPlanet Graphic Water Bottle
  • Obsidian SIGG Gemstone Food Jar

    SIGG Gemstone Food Jar

    £26.95 - £30.95
  • Selenite SIGG Gemstone Lunchbox

    SIGG Gemstone Lunchbox

    £33.99 £30.95
  • Lighter 1l SIGG Traveller MyPlanet Plain Water Bottle

    SIGG Traveller MyPlanet Plain Water Bottle

    £15.95 - £17.95
  • Dark Blue 1l SIGG Traveller Water Bottle

    SIGG Traveller Water Bottle

    £14.95 - £15.95
  • Electric Blue SIGG Meridian Water Bottle 0.5

    SIGG Meridian Water Bottle

    £26.95 - £30.95
  • Brushed SIGG Miracle Travel Mug 0.47L

    SIGG Miracle Travel Mug

    £19.95 - £22.95
  • Selenite SIGG Gemstone IBT Thermo Flask

    SIGG Gemstone IBT Thermo Flask

    £24.95 - £28.95

Whether you like to cook, bake or host a dinner party, we have everything you need to complete your kitchen & dining collection. From utensils to cutlery, our range of accessories have been selected from premium brands such as Arthur Price, Denby & Stellar cookware to showcase only the best in kitchen & dining.