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Home and Garden

Home and Garden

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  • Le Creuset 28cm Toughened Non-Stick Shallow Casserole
  • Denby Linen 12 Piece Coupe Tableware Set
  • Flint Le Creuset 24cm Stoneware Heritage Round Dish
  • Cerise Le Creuset Stoneware Heritage Lionhead Soup Bowl
  • Stellar James Martin Calibrated Baster
  • Samuel Heath Curzon Double Towel Rail N136-A
  • Emma Bridgewater Black Toast Round Tin Tray
  • Emma Bridgewater Black Toast Rice Husk Travel Mug
  • Miller Frosted Glass Shelf
  • Emma Bridgewater Bumblebee Rice Husk Travel Mug
  • Emma Bridgewater Polka Dot Round Birch Tray
  • Denby James Martin Everyday Small Mug
  • Denby James Martin Everyday 16 Piece Boxed Set
  • Youngs BrewBuddy Starter Kit Bitter 40pt
  • Youngs WineBuddy 30 Bottle Cabernet Sauvignon
  • Youngs Red India Ale 3.0kg - R.I.A.
  • Youngs Raspberry & Mango Cider - 40 pint / 23L
  • Youngs Peach & Passion Fruit Cider - 40 pint / 23L
  • Youngs American Mocha Porter 3.0kg - A.M.P.
  • BrewBuddy 40pt Lager

    BrewBuddy 40pt Lager

    £14.99 £13.49
  • Youngs BrewBuddy 40pt Cider

    BrewBuddy 40pt Cider

    £14.99 £13.49
  • BrewBuddy 40pt Bitter

    BrewBuddy 40pt Bitter

    £14.99 £13.49
  • Black Prestige Inspire Baking Sheet
  • Black Prestige Inspire 12 Cup Mini Muffin Tin
  • Black Prestige Inspire Chip Oven Tray
  • Silver Prestige Inspire Cooling Grid
  • Prestige Eco 28cm Open Stirfry Pan
  • Prestige Eco 24cm/4.5L Covered Stockpot
  • Prestige Eco 3-Piece Covered Saucepan Set
  • Prestige Eco Twin Pack Open Frypan
  • Stellar Coffee Espresso Maker

    Stellar Coffee Espresso Maker

    £34.95 - £39.95
  • Stellar Kitchen Tall Potato Masher
  • Stellar Kitchen Ice Cream Scoop
  • Stellar Hand Held Knife Sharpener
  • Stellar James Martin Textile Pot Holder
  • Stellar James Martin Textile Double Oven Glove

Find everything you need for every room of your home, even the garden! Brabantia, Lafuma & Le Creuset are just a few of the many premium brands we stock and from these you will discover exceptional value on garden furniture, cookware, dinnerware and so much more!