Hills Airers Supadry Hoist Rotary Dryer 4 Arm 60 Metre

(HLS115544) PM ref: 864094


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The Hills Vileda Supadry is a heavy-duty 4 arm dryer that is ideal for a large family wash. It is equipped with 60 metres of strong easy to clean steel core line, this will hold a large amount of washing with ease. The outer three lines of this dry are thicker than the rest for especially heavy items of wet clothing.


Key Features

  • Unique Hills hoist mechanism to easily raise clothes into the breeze, just use the winder handle to raise and lower the dryer
  • 52.5 mm diameter main support pole gives the dryer a good strong base that will hold lots of heavy wet washing
  • Includes a ground socket with a lockable collar for concrete.
  • Made of a durable galvanised steel construction that will last for years.
  • 10 year guarantee.  



HLS115544 - Supadry Hoist 4 arm 60m (864094)


Please note the picture is for illustration purposes only. The colour of this rotary is now green not silver.


Size Guides / SpecificationLess


  • Length of line: 60m
  • Number of arms: 4
  • Max span of line between arms: 2050mm
  • Height of outer line min: 1750mm
  • Height of outer lin max: 1990mm
  • Space between lines on arm: 110mm
  • Turning circle diameter: 3000mm
  • Main standard diameter: 52.5mm
  • Arm length: 1410mm
  • Arm cross section dimensions: 25mm x 13mm
  • Stay cross section dimension: 12mm x 12mm
  • Height of handle at lowest position: 610mm
  • Total height of model min: 2070mm
  • Total height of model max: 2370mm
  • Length of ground socket inside: 305mm
  • Length of ground socket outside: 350mm
  • Net weight of model: 7.8kg



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