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Rotary Airers

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  • Brabantia Rotary Airer Replacement Washing Line
  • Brabantia Rotary Airer Cover Type B for Washing Lines
  • Brabantia Wallfix Dryer

    Brabantia Wallfix Dryer

    £133.00 £105.95
  • Brabantia Rotary Topspinner

    Brabantia Rotary Topspinner

    £69.95 - £108.00



Rotary Airers and Accessories including clothes airers, rotary drying lines, covers and ground sockets from Brabantia, Leifheit and Hills. The range of Rotary Airers and Accessories includes small, space-saving lines such as the Compact by Brabantia, innovative lines like the Linomatic by Leifheit with retracting lines and the easy-to-use lines such as the Supadry hoist-operated dryer from Hills. Accessories include ground sockets, covers and replacement line.

Special Offer Prices - Due to our great relationship with Brabantia, Leifheit and Hills we are able to bring these rotary airers to you at significantly less than the recommended retail prices. There are lots of different rotary dryers on the market and we only stock branded rotaries with quality. The quality is very important, it has too withstand hot and cold weather conditions so choosing a cheap dryer could cost you more in the long term.


Rotary Dryer Accessories

The rotary accessories available include ground tubes for standing your rotary up in concrete and soil spears for standing your rotary up in soft ground or soil. Rotary airer covers protect it from the forces of nature and these are available in various sizes and colours. It is advised to buy the same branded cover as they are general made to fit snug and provide long lasting use. A replacement washing line for your rotary can be bought should you ever need to replace it and these are manufactured in different lengths to suit your dryer. Whatever you need your sure to find it here but if you have any questions regarding the products please don’t hesitate to contact our Hardware Department where our knowledgeable and experienced staff will be will be able to answer all your questions.


More information and advice

For further advice on some of the brands we have a Brabantia product guide that show you some of the differences of rotary airers and for a little more help browse through our help videos on YouTube. Brabantia, Leifheit, Hill Vileda and Hills Australia all offer a longer product warranty ranging from two to ten years. From the value to the most professional product this is a great guarantee I’m sure you would agree. Washing lines are used all year round and have to be reliable so if a warranty offers you better peace of mind then confidence should be high as the majority of our products are guaranteed for as much as five and ten years!