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Wolf Garden Tools

Wolf Small 16cm Handle
  • High quality durable plastic
  • Push button release on handle end
  • Length: 16cm
Wolf Small 32cm Handle
  • High quality durable plastic
  • Push button release on handle end
  • Length: 32cm
Wolf D-Grip Aluminium Handle
  • High quality aluminium construction.
  • Push button release on handle.
  • Available in 2 sizes
  • from £8.99
    Garden Scraper
    • Galvanized hardened steel blade.
    • Sharp edges cut weeds whilst hook removes debris.
    • Use with multi-change handles
    Wolf – Scraper
    • Single-handed scraper for removing moss and weeds. 
    • Comfort grip handle.
    • Sharp blade
    Wolf Flower Fork
    • Strong steel tines.
    • Made from cold rolled steel. 
    • fixed grip
    Wolf Planting Trowel
    • Nonslip grip.
    • Made from cold rolled steel. 
    • Lightweight
    Wolf – Weeding & Planting Knife
    • Ideal for cutting out deep rooted weeds.
    • Comfort grip handle.
    • Sharp blade
    Wolf Wide Trowel
  • Ideal for planting and transplanting.
  • Lightweight hand trowel.
  • Made from robust pressed steel
  • £9.75
    Wolf - 150cm Aluminium Handle
    • High quality plastic and aluminium construction
    • Push button release on handle
    • Length: 150cm
    Wolf General Purpose Bypass Secateur
  • 21 mm in diameter.
  • Coated blade.
  • Suitable for left or right handed use
  • £9.99
    Wolf Hand Grubber
    • Premium design grip.
    • Width 7cm. 
    • Larger surface area on handle
    Wolf Mini Cultivator
    • Loosens small beds carefully for optimum nutrient supply
    • Particularly durable thanks to 3 fold sealing
    • Width: 7cm
    Wolf Mini Hoe
    • Loosen all soil effortlessly simply turn around to hoe
    • Particularly durable thanks to 3 fold sealing
    • Width: 7cm
    Double Hoe
    • Pointed blade for making seed drills
    • Twin prongs break up heavy soil
    • For use with multi-change handles
    Small Crumbler
    • Breaks soil in the hardest areas
    • Zinc plated for rust protection
    • Can be used as a small or long handled tool
    Small Cultiweeder
    • Weeding and breaking up soil
    • Prongs loosen soil, sharp blade slices through weeds
    • Can be used as a hoe
    Small Rake
  • Useful in small or raised beds, boxes, containers and borders
  • Can be used with long or short multi-change handles
  • £9.99
    Small Sweep
    • Sweeps up debris and loosens soil in confined areas
    • Strong steel plated tines
    • Use with multi-change short handles
    Bulb Planter
    • For planting bulbs or bedding plants.
    • Automatic release of soil by simple pressure of the handle.
    Wolf Extension Hand Grip
    • Extension hand grip to fit the Mosquito Cleaner.
    • For cleaning windows or higher windscreens.
    • Length: 90cm
    120cm Aluminium Handle
    • Durable plastic and aluminium construction
    • Push button release on handle
    • Length: 120cm
    General Purpose Anvil Secateurs
  • Anvil type, for woody, tough and general pruning.
  • Cuts stems up to 19 mm in diameter.
  • Coated replaceable blade for non-stick pruning and easy cleaning
  • £11.99
    Dutch Hoe
  • Traditional popular design
  • One piece blade for extra toughness, longer life
  • Made from high carbon steel
  • £12.99
    • Breaks up soil between plants in beds and borders
    • Sharp, pointed tines for hard, stony ground
    • Use with long or standard handle
    Hand Fork
  • Four pronged fork
  • Ideal for rockeries, pots and transplanting
  • High quality robust design
  • £12.99
    Wolf Herb Shears
    • For cutting herbs and plant shoots
    • Precise cut due to short blades
    • Non-stick, non-friction coated blades
    Wolf Leaf Rake
    • Ideal for use on hard ground
    • Lightweight and durable
    • Use with multi-change handles
    Wolf Swoe Style Hoe
    • Ideal for weeding in tight situations.
    • Push and pull action severs weeds at the roots.
    • Attachment only
    Multi Purpose Scissors
    • Universal scissors.
    • Cuts flowers, rope, cardboard.
    • Double ground stainless steel blades
    Hand Trowel
  • For general planting/ transplanting use
  • Robust and very strong
  • Can be used with a short or long handle
  • £13.99
    Small 'Push / Pull' Weeder
    • Fast action hoe.
    • Use with multi-change handles.
    • Wavy dual-edged blade cuts efficiently, self-sharpens in use
    Small Draw Hoe
  • Ideal for hoeing and weeding in small or confined areas.
  • Strong swan-neck arm.
  • Replaceable steel blade.
  • £13.99
    Wolf Anvil Secateurs
    • Non-stick coated blade.
    • Suited for left or right handed use.
    • Plastic lightweight handles
    Double Hoe
  • Broad, very sharp angled blade
  • For weeding or drawing out seed drills
  • Sharp prongs on reverse break up heavy soil
  • £14.99
    Wolf Replacement Weeding Brush Heads878956
    • Twin pack.
    • Hard steel bristles.
    • Easy Fixing
    Weed Extractor
    • Easy extraction of thistles, dandelions and other deep-rooting weeds
    • Push into ground, twist and pull out
    Flexi Broom
  • Handy broom with long elastic brushes
  • Ideal for cleaning stairs, gutters and narrow paved paths
  • £15.83
    Wolf Bypass Secateurs
    • Non-stick coated blades.
    • Ergonomic component handles.
    • Safety rest position for the thumb 
    Draw Hoe
    • For hoeing, weeding and trenching
    • Strong swan-neck arm
    • Cuts through even stubborn weeds
    Soil Rake
    • Unlike ordinary rakes, the prongs curve inwards to give a smoother, more even action
    • High quality carbon steel head
    • Lance shaped prongs break up and loosen soil quickly
    • Sharp weeding blade on reverse cuts through weeds fast
    Patio Brush
    • Tough, long lasting PVC bristles
    • Suitable for large areas - paths and patios
    • For use with multi-change handles
    Scrubbing Brush
  • Broad scrubbing brush with robust elastoflex bristles
  • Ideal for cleaning large areas on terraces and patios
  • £16.25
    Push & Pull Weeder
    • Wavy dual-edged blade cuts efficiently
    • Self sharpens in use
    • High quality steel
    Wolf Adjustable Angled Broom
    • Adjustable working angle to clean areas which are out of reach
    • Suitable for cleaning rain drains
    • Width: 25cm
    Wolf Bypass Secateur
  • Bypass precise pruning.
  • Cuts stems up to 22 mm in diameter.
  • Easy locking catch.
  • £16.72
    Yard Broom
    • Tough, durable PVC bristles for all-round garden use
    • For use with the ZM 140 ash handle 
    Lawn Edge Iron
    • Cuts turf to create a neat edge
    • Traditional half moon design
    • Blade self sharpens in use
    Wolf Multi Change Cultivator 11cm
    • Chrome plated.
    • Can be used as small or long handed tool.
    • Zinc plated for rust protection
    Fruit Picker
    • Pick fruit without using a ladder
    • Fruit drops into collection bag while prongs ‘catch’ stalks
    • Adjustable head
    Wolf Comfort Single Hand Grass Shears
    • For lawn-edge cutting and care
    • 30% effort-saving due to non-stick blades
    • 180o rotating blade head
    House Broom
    • Natural horse hair/ flexon mix bristles for optimum cleaning efficiency and harder wear
    • For indoor use
    Wolf 40cm Squeegee Window Cleaner
    • For use on smooth surfaces
    • Tough bristled brush plus foam lips on reverse
    • Width: 40cm
    Wolf - Window Washer
    • Ideal for window washing in conservatory.
    • Integrated 110° rotating head.
    • Removable and washable microfibre mop
    Wolf Window Wiper and Small Handle
    • Broad wiper.
    • High quality rubber lip and integrated swivel joint.
    • Adjustable integrated hinge mechanism
    Wolf Pro Single Hand Grass Shear
    • Grass collector
    • Can be used with or without grass deflector
    • Hand grip and rotating blade
    Wolf 14cm Mosquito Cleaner
    • Ideal for cars and mobile homes.
    • Includes 15ml water tank.
    • Velcro attachment for easy replacement
    Wolf All Purpose Rake
    • Multi purpose use, raking leaves and garden refuge
    • Use without handle to shovel leaves, bark chips
    • Soft grip handle
    Wolf Winter Street Brush
    • With tough lasting PVC bristles
    • Suitable for larger areas including paths, patios and driveways
    • Width: 40cm
    Lawn Rake
    • Large collecting capacity saves time and effort
    • Polypropylene body, spring-steel tines
    • Specially-shaped round spring tines
    Cord Tidy
    • Lightweight pre-tensioning reel
    • For use with Wolf multi-change handles and loppers
    • Makes tree pruning more comfortable
    Pond Net
  • Fine mesh head makes collecting small particles easier
  • Efficiently collects leaves, dead plants, algae etc
  • £25.64
    Scarifying Rake
    • Effectively clears dead moss and thatch from a lawn
    • Rake glides over the lawn when pushed and bites when pulled backwards
    Wolf Snow Roof Cleaner
    • For clearing snow from conservatories, sheds and roofs
    • Suitable for use with Wolf handles
    • Width: 60cm
    Springtine Rake
    • Unique curved fan shape collects grass from large areas
    • Specially designed tines won't catch or dig into the grass
    Wolf RSEN And RREN Blister Pack
    • Non-stick coated blades.
    • Plastic lightweight handles.
    • Suitable for left or right handed use
    Wolf Professional Anvil Aluminium Secateurs
    • Robust aluminium handle.
    • Integrated spring.
    • Non-stick coated blades
    Wolf – Professional Bypass Secateur
  • Bypass blade for delicate and precise cutting.
  • Robust aluminium.
  • Smooth plastic
  • £29.94
    Wolf Bypass Loppers 30mm
  • Special ergonomic handles.
  • Available in 4 sizes.
  • Non-stick coated blades
  • from £29.99
    Wolf - HSB Box Tree Shear
    • Curved double edged short blades.
    • Plastic light weight handles.
    • Patented fine adjustable
    Longspan Rake
    • For collecting large quantities of clippings.
    • Specially designed tines glide along smoothly.
    • Levels seedbeds before sowing
    Soil Miller
    • Crumbles soil to a fine tilth for sowing seeds or planting
    • Mixes peat, manure and fertilisers into soil
    • Easy push-pull action
    Wolf - Telescopic Handle 170cm - 300cm
    • For use with multi-change equipment.
    • Aluminium handle, lightweight yet robust.
    • Extends from 1.7m to 3m
    Scarifying Roller
    • Aerator which removes moss and thatch from a lawn.
    • Rollers help take the strain.
    • Hardened blades require no resharpening
    Wolf - HSTL Traditional Hedge Shear
    • Curved double edged blades.
    • Comfortable wooden handles.
    • Shock absorbing buffers
    Wolf Anvil Loppers RS650
    • New cutting head technology.
    • Soft lining handles.
    • Available in 2 sizes
    from £34.44
    Wolf Fruit Picker and 3m Handle Package Deal
    • Includes RGM Fruit Picker & ZMV3 Handle.
    • Money-saving pack deal.
    • ZMV3 extends from 1.7m to 3m
    Telescopic Handle 220cm - 400cm
    • For use with multi-change equipment
    • Aluminium handle, lightweight yet robust
    • Extends from 2.2m to 4m
    Anvil Tree Lopper
    • Anvil action for lopping of branches up to 38mm diameter.
    • Pulley system for easier pruning.
    • Easy to clean blades
    Wolf Plastic 42cm Snow Shovel With D Handle
    • Robust construction.
    • With 120cm D-Grip handle.
    • Cold shock resistant down to -300C
    Wolf Plastic 55cm Snow Shovel With D Handle
    • Robust construction.
    • Comes with 120cm D-Grip handle.
    • Cold shock resistant down to -300C
    Wolf Variable Hedge Shear
    • Adjustable tensioner allows great cutting with reduced effort.
    • Grip is made from FSC - certificated wood. 
    • Wave-shaped double edged blades preventing cut material from falling
    Wolf Garden Weeder
    • Eco friendly weeding without using chemicals.
    • Ejection system helps to release weed from pulling.
    • Foldable foot steps for space saving storage 
    Wolf Fruit Picker and 4m Handle Package Deal
    • Includes RGM Fruit Picker & ZMV4 Handle.
    • Money-saving pack deal.
    • ZMV4 extends from 2.2m to 4m
    Wolf Aluminium 45cm Snow Shovel With D Handle
    • For lifting, pushing and moving snow.
    • Robust construction.
    • Comes with 120cm D-Grip handle
    Wolf Telescopic Hedge Shears
    • Lightweight yet sturdy, strong oval handles.
    • Adjustable blades.
    • Curved non-stick blades
    Adjustable Anvil Tree LopperItem on sale
    • Anvil action for lopping of branches up to 40mm in diameter.
    • Adjustable working angle.
    • Easy to clean blades
    Wolf Garten Gardening Starter Kit
    • Gardening starter essentials.
    • Aluminium 85cm D-grip handle.
    • Perfect to get your garden in shape

    Wolf Garden Tools offer gardening solutions for lawn, soil, cultivation, tree and shrub care. The Wolf Garden Tools range includes multi-change tools, handles and hand tools. Wolf Garden Tools also provide a range of practical tools including secateurs, loppers and shears. All Wolf Garden Tools are covered by a guarantee.

    Why chose Wolf?

    Wolf Garden Tools provide practical solutions for the garden. Whatever the job you are tackling in the garden, Wolf Garden Tools are essential. Wolf Garden Tools are trusted by gardeners around the world for their quality and durability. For more advice on Wolf Garden Tools call us on (01432) 377089.

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