Mid Season Sale Spring Summer 2018

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Wolf Secateurs, Loppers and Shears

Wolf General Purpose Bypass Secateur
  • 21 mm in diameter.
  • Coated blade.
  • Suitable for left or right handed use
  • Was £15.99 NOW £9.99
    General Purpose Anvil Secateurs
  • Anvil type, for woody, tough and general pruning.
  • Cuts stems up to 19 mm in diameter.
  • Coated replaceable blade for non-stick pruning and easy cleaning
  • Was £14.99 NOW £11.99
    Wolf Herb Shears
    • For cutting herbs and plant shoots
    • Precise cut due to short blades
    • Non-stick, non-friction coated blades
    Multi Purpose Scissors
    • Universal scissors.
    • Cuts flowers, rope, cardboard.
    • Double ground stainless steel blades
    Was £15.99 NOW £13.49
    Wolf Bypass Secateur
  • Bypass precise pruning.
  • Cuts stems up to 22 mm in diameter.
  • Easy locking catch.
  • Was £19.99 NOW £16.72
    Wilkinson Sword Ultralight Hedge Shears
    • Lightweight and comfort hedge shears.
    • Sharp 20cm cutting blade.
    • PTFE coated blades prevents rust
    Wolf – Professional Bypass Secateur
  • Bypass blade for delicate and precise cutting.
  • Robust aluminium.
  • Smooth plastic
  • Was £39.99 NOW £29.94
    Wolf Bypass Loppers 30mm
  • Special ergonomic handles.
  • Available in 4 sizes.
  • Non-stick coated blades
  • Was £34.99 FROM £29.99
    Wolf - HSB Box Tree Shear
    • Curved double edged short blades.
    • Plastic light weight handles.
    • Patented fine adjustable
    Was £34.99 NOW £30.37
    Wolf - HSTL Traditional Hedge Shear
    • Curved double edged blades.
    • Comfortable wooden handles.
    • Shock absorbing buffers
    Was £39.99 NOW £33.74
    Wolf Telescopic Hedge Shears
    • Lightweight yet sturdy, strong oval handles.
    • Adjustable blades.
    • Curved non-stick blades
    Was £69.99 NOW £49.93

    Wolf Garten manufactures cutting tools of upmost quality that lie snugly in your hand: Wolf Garten has perfect solutions down to the last detail, for ergonomic, untiring use, with permanent sharpness and innovative, indestructible technology and matched to every hand size and every task in your garden. Wolf Garten produce secateurs, lopping shears and hand shears which are tailor made for precise working.