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Felco Secateurs

Burgon and Ball RHS Secateurs in Chrysanthemum
  • Gardening shears from Burgon and Ball.
  • Trims hedges and rose bushes.
  • Easy to grip handles
Felco Essential 160L Secatuers
  • Perfect for all types of cutting and pruning.
  • Comfort grip.
  • High quality machined alloy blades
Was £32.99 NOW £24.99
Felco Economy (5)
  • Model No. 5

    A steel handled secateurs without a wire cutting notch, sap grove and self servicing key.

  • Was £37.99 NOW £27.99
    Felco Essential 160S Secateurs
    • Comfortable and ergonomic grip.
    • Perfect for all kinds of pruning and cutting.
    • Machined alloy blades
    Was £32.99 NOW £29.99
    Felco Standard (4)
    • Model No. 4
    • Economy Secateurs
    • Good Quality
    Was £54.99 NOW £37.20
    Felco Classic (9) For Left Handed Users
    • Model No. 9  
    • Angled cutting head for clean cutting

    • Secateurs with a ergonomic shape


    Was £59.99 NOW £39.95
    Felco Compact (6)
    • Model No. 6
    • A smaller and lighter secateurs
    • Ideal for flower arranging and fine pruning
    Was £59.99 NOW £42.20
    Felco Classic (8)
    • Model No. 8
    • Top quality secateurs with ergonomic shape,
    • Angled cutting head to ensure clean cutting
    Was £59.99 NOW £42.33
    The Original Felco 2 Secateurs
    • Model No. 2
    • Based on the original Felco
    • Ideal for all kinds of pruning, made to the highest quality



    Was £59.99 NOW £44.69
    Felco Grower (11)
    • Model No. 11
    • Recent addition to the Felco range
    • Ergonomically designed, ideal for all types of pruning
    Was £59.99 NOW £44.96
    Felco Deluxe (12)
    • Model No. 12
    • Ideal for prolonged pruning due to the rotating handle.
    • Suited for small to medium hand-size
    Was £74.99 NOW £49.99
    Felco Multi-Purpose (13)
    Free UK delivery
    • Model No. 113
    • Multi-purpose secateurs from Felco
    • Can also be used as a mini-lopper
    Was £74.99 NOW £54.99
    Felco Professional (10) For Left Handed Users
    Free UK delivery
    • Model No. 10
    • Identical to the Felco Professional 7
    • Designed for Left handed users


    Was £79.99 NOW £57.99
    Felco 7 Professional Secateurs
    Free UK delivery
    • Comfortable, sturdy handles made of forged aluminium
    • Easy, durable cutting adjustment
    • Wire cutting notch
    Was £75.99 NOW £72.99

    Felco pruning shears satisfy all requirements. Regardless of pruning technique, work duration or hand shape, there is a model to suit every customer. The ergonomic models offer cutting heads and ergonomics suited to every user, right and left-handed and users with large, medium or small hands. To reduce the cutting effort and prevent tendonitis (RSI), the tools feature inclined cutting heads and some models offer a revolving handle that further reduces physical effort and enhances user comfort.