Pest Repellers

The Buzz Adhesive Window Fly Trap
  • Zero In insect and pest control.
  • Adhesive angle-trap collects dead flies.
  • Poison-free pest control
The Buzz Outdoor Fly Trap
  • Water-filled outdoor fly trap.
  • The Buzz STV pest control.
  • Disposable insect repellent trap
The Big Cheese Sonic Mouse & Rat Repeller
  • Designed for eliminating rodents from your home
  • Each unit protects up to 400 square feet
  • £15.69
    Defenders Universal Repeller Adaptor
  • 9v DC adaptor with 5 metre cable.
  • For use withSTV610, STV620 and STV649.
  • £17.49
    Defenders Mega-Sonic Cat Repeller
    • Stops cats from fouling lawns and gardens
    • Optional mains power
    • In-built mounting stake
    The Big Cheese Sonic Advanced Pest Repeller
    • Plug-in pest control for the home
    • Combines swept ultra-sound and electromagnetic action
    The Big Cheese Sonic Mouse And Rat Repeller 3 Pack
    • 3 Pack
    • Continuous output of over 100dB at swept frequencies
    Defenders Mega Sonic Cat And Dog Repeller
    • Twin speaker unit maximises dB output and coverage area
    • Motion activated sensor