Cage Traps

STV Squirrel Cage Trap
  • Outwit the most determined squirrel.
  • Easy to set tread activated.
  • Assembled ready to use
STV Defenders Rabbit Cage Trap
  • Catch rabbits and similar sized pests.
  • Multi spring mechanism for fail safe setting.
  • Deal Prices Available
STV Defenders Larsen Magpie Cage Trap
Free UK delivery
  • Flat-pack trap
  • Trap magpies, crows, rooks, etc
  • Side-entry door with breakable perch
STV Defenders Large Wildlife Cage Trap
Free UK delivery
  • For foxes, badgers and stray animals.
  • Humane cage trap with handles.
  • Removable bait holder

Live catch cage traps for control of rats, squirrels, rabbits and other vermin as well as nuisance birds such as magpies. Keep pests at bay with these easy-to-set, safe and successful traps.