Horse and Rider DesignItem on sale
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  • Design is made from strong steel
  • has a durable quality paint coating
  • Fixing are included
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Humming Bird DesignItem on sale
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  • External quality black coating
  • Fixing and fixtures included
  • Made with strong steel
Was £59.95 NOW £49.95

Available in a wide range of designs in 5 different sizes and 3 finishes, Oakley weathervanes are the perfect addition to any house or building. Golfer or gardener, footballer or fisherman, cat lover or dog lover, there is an Oakley weathervane to suit everyone.

Traditional Oakley Weathervanes:

Designed to be fitted solely to vertical surfaces due to the weight of the item. 

Cockerel, Badger, Blacksmith, Alsatian, Deer, Fisherman, Fox & Weasel, Gardener, Golfer, Goose & Goslings, Horse & Rider, Humming Bird, Labrador, Man & Shotgun, Old Father Time, Owl & Mouse, Pheasant & Partridge, Pony, Squirrel, Witch, Yacht, Thames Barge, Steam Engine, Clydesdale Horse, Bowler, Cricketer, Vintage Car and Border Collie.

Mini Oakley Weathervanes:

Can be mounted to vertical, horizontal or even angled surfaces as two rising bars are included. 

Mini Cat & Mouse, Cockerel, Fisherman, Fox, Gardener, Golfer, Goose & Goslings, Horse & Rider, Humming Bird, Labrador, Man & Shotgun, Owl & Mouse, Pheasant & Partridge, Squirrel, Westies, Witch, Fairy Brimstone, Chaffinches and Vintage Car.