Lafuma Replacement Cham Elips Foot Protectors
  • Suitable for Lafuma Cham Elips.
  • Genuine replacement.
  • Set of four
Was £5.95 NOW £4.95
Lafuma Replacement Futura Foot Bar Protector
  • Replacement protector.
  • Fits Futura recliners.
  • Genuine spare
Was £5.95 NOW £4.95
  • Available in three colours.
  • Set of four replacement feet pads.
  • Locking device
Was £6.95 NOW £5.95
Lafuma Recliner Cup Holder
  • Can be attached to most Lafuma chairs.
  • Holds your drinks safely.
  • Sturdy clip-on tray
Was £9.95 NOW £7.95
Lafuma Replacement Futura Foot Protectors
  • Replacement feet for Futura recliners.
  • Genuine spare part.
  • Set of four
Lafuma Recliner Replacement Lacing Cords
  • Elastic lacing cords for Lafuma chairs.
  • White, green or black.
  • 4 laces per pack
Was £9.95 NOW £8.95
Lafuma Replacement Position Rails For Sunside & Siesta (Gris Metal)
  • Replacement position adjusters.
  • Contains screws & nuts.
  • 2 colours
Was £9.95 NOW £8.95
Lafuma Sunbed Replacement Lacing Cords
  • Replacement cords for Lafuma laced sunbeds.
  • One pack for each Lafuma sunbed.
  • Available in multiple colours
Was £9.95 NOW £8.95
Lafuma Replacement Cham Elips Arms Anthracite
  • Ergonomic resin armrests
  • Set of two arm rests.
  • Genuine spare
Replacement armrest in Anthracite
  • Set of replacement arms for RSX and RSXA.
  • Plastic material.
  • Anthracite
Was £15.95 NOW £13.95
Open bottom
  • Helps protect four folded Lafuma Anytime chairs.
  • Open bottom for easy storage.
  • UV resistant
Was £29.95 NOW £25.95
Cream Towel Cover For Recliners
  • Pops over the seat to avoid slipping.
  • Additional comfort and protection.
  • Standard or XL size
Was £38.95 FROM £33.95
Lafuma Next Footrest Lac
  • Matching garden furniture available.
  • Compact folded size.
  • Lightweight design
Was £43.95 NOW £39.95
Lafuma Next Footrest Moss
  • UV resistant Batyline fabric.
  • Rust-resistant steel frame.
  • Matching items available
Was £43.95 NOW £39.95
  • Can be used as a footrest or stool.
  • Made using a robust Batyline® fabric.
  • Colour: Seigle
Was £43.95 NOW £39.95
Lafuma Next Footrest Ecume
Free UK delivery
  • Perfect for use with the Lafuma Transabed.
  • Universal footrest or stool.
  • Lightweight design
Was £48.95 NOW £43.95
Lafuma Next Footrest Outremer
Free UK delivery
  • Matching Transabed recliner available.
  • Batyline Duo fabric.
  • Lightweight
Was £48.95 NOW £43.95
Lafuma Next Footrest Wood
Free UK delivery
  • Can be paired with the Lafuma Transabed.
  • Made using a strong Batyline® fabric.
  • Colour: Wood
Was £48.95 NOW £43.95
Lafuma Next Footrest Galet
Free UK delivery
  • Lightweight foot stool.
  • Weather resistant Batyline® fabric.
  • Galvanized steel tubing frame
Was £48.95 NOW £43.95
Lafuma R-Clip Replacement Canvas in Arctic
Free UK delivery
  • Replacement canvas for Lafuma R-Clip Recliners.
  • UV resistant fabric.
  • Easy to clean
Was £49.95 NOW £44.95
Lafuma Next Footrest Air Comfort Acier
Free UK delivery
  • Padded folding seat and footrest.
  • Lightweight design.
  • Quick dry material
Was £63.95 NOW £57.95
Lafuma Next Footrest Air Comfort Coral
Free UK delivery
  • Padded, comfortable foot stool.
  • Anti-rust treated steel frame.
  • Lightweight and foldable
Was £63.95 NOW £57.95
Free UK delivery
  • Replacement for standard Lafuma recliners.
  • Includes padded headrest.
  • 4 colours
Was £64.95 NOW £58.95

Lafuma Accessories & Spares

Lafuma Accessories offer something extra for your Lafuma recliner, including towels which are ideal for additional comfort and protection of the padded or Batyline canvases for any larger Lafuma recliner, cup holders which can be attached to any Lafuma recliner and spares such as lacing cords are also available.