Bosmere Premier Range

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  • Luxury patio set cover.
  • Water resistant and breathable.
  • UV stabilised
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Bosmere Premier Range

Bosmere Premier Range Garden Furniture Covers

The premier range is specifically designed for wooden furniture. Made from breathable polyester fabric and double stitched with heavy duty polyester binding for longer life. The fabric is UV stabilised and comes with a strong light weight water shedding pole. These covers are not 100% waterproof however they do offer water resistance, the material needs to stay breathable to avoid condensation build up which would ruin the wood. 

Bosmere Premier Covers are perfect for protecting and caring for your garden furniture. Bosmere's Premier Range covers are made from heavy duty polyester fabric and offer unbeatable protection for your garden furniture.

Premier Covers from Bosmere are fully waterrproof and are also breathable allowing moisture that is trapped inside to escape preventing it from sinking in to your wooden furniture. Bosmere Premier Covers also offer full UV protection from the sun's rays which can cause furniture to discolour and crack. The covers all feature double-sewn seams to ensure they are extra-strong and will give years of service.

All Bosmere Premier covers are supplied with cord ties and locks whch allow you to secure the cover to your furniture. This gives you peace of mind that your beautifil garden furniture will remain protected no matter what the weather throws at you.