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Bosmere Garden Furniture Covers

Bosmere Garden Furniture Covers

For over 30 years Bosmere have been manufacturing a diverse range of innovative, high-quality and reliable garden furniture covers. They offer a variety of different garden furniture covers to suit all of your needs; including a number of ranges designed to withstand the harshest of weather conditions and ensure that your garden furniture is kept clean and dry all year round.


Frequently Asked Questions

A lot of covers say that have been 'UV stabilised', what does this mean?

All of Bosmere's barbecue and garden furniture covers have been UV stabilised, the purpose of this is to protect the cover from harmful effects caused by sunlight. The material used in the covers contains stabilisers which absorb Ultraviolet radiation from the sun. This protects the cover (as well as your furniture) from the long-term degradation effects of the sun, such as discolouring and cracking.

Can I use my cover all year round?

The answer is yes; all covers in this range are designed to offer year round protection for your garden furniture, even in the winter months when it is more likely to rain/snow. Of course they will also protect your furniture from those all-too-frequent summer showers we have in Britain as well, and they have also been UV stabilised (see above) to protect against long term-exposure to sunlight. Bosmere covers also act as windbreakers which will further help protect your furniture from the elements all year round. Garden furniture covers also help protect your tables etc from bird droppings which can have a corrosive effect on outdoor furniture.

Need some advice?

Philip Morris and Son are proud Bosmere UK stockists and offer the full range of garden covers that they offer. If you need some advice on which cover is best for you or if you need some information of sizing please give us a call on 01432 377089 and a member of our team will be happy to advise or help in any way we can.