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LotusGrill Accessories

LotusGrill Accessories

LotusGrill Beech Charcoal
  • Beech wood charcoal burns cleaner.
  • Smokeless Lotus Grill BBQ coal.
  • Designed for Lotus Grills
Barbecue lighter gel
  • Ethanol based gel for igniting a BBQ
  • Designed for LotusGrill barbecues.
  • Odourless safety fuel.
Lotus Grill Lighter Gel Triple Pack
Gift with purchase
  • Lotus Grill BBQ lighter gel.
  • Pack of 3 bottles.
  • Easy pour ignition aid
LotusGrill Barbecue Lid
Free UK delivery
  • Optional oven hood for the LotusGrill.
  • Convert your bbq into an oven.
  • Strong safety glass lid
LotusGrill Pizza Stone Set
Free UK delivery
  • Turn your BBQ into a pizza cooker.
  • Creates crisp pizza bases.
  • Two sizes available
Was £64.95 FROM £59.95
LotusGrill Fondue Set
Free UK delivery
  • Accessory for standard sized LotusGrill. 
  • Ideal for meat, cheeses or chocolate.
  • 7 piece set
Was £84.95 NOW £74.95
LotusGrill Teppanyaki Plate
Free UK delivery
  • Double sided BBQ Teppanyaki plate.
  • Sits on LotusGrill grilling grid.
  • Iron griddle and plate
Was £89.95 NOW £84.95

The LotusGrill® is truly the ultimate ‘portable’ BBQ for European barbecuing needs. It's patented design creates a bellows effect, forcing air over the charcoal. This creates rapid and high heat, essentially bypassing the smoking stage of the charcoal cooking process thus creating smokeless cooking in just 3 minutes. In the absence of smoke. You still get that delicious charcoal flavour, as charcoal emits these flavours through invisible safe gases and not in the usual excessive traditional BBQ smoke. LotusGrill® supply the accessories you need to make your BBQ experience tasty, enjoyable and smoke free.

Find out more in our LotusGrill Blog, where you'll find everything you need to know about this portable, smokeless barbecue and it's accessories.