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Using a well made glass matched to your drink will always enhance the experience. Dartington Brew Craft offers a fine selection of glasses for our favourite brews.


Key Features

  • 4 different glasses to choose from
  • Specifically shaped to enhance flavours
  • Hand crafted, mouth blown glass
  • Narrower ribbed base for better grip and preventing hands from warming the drink
  • Pilsner Lager Glass: 500ml capacity, 21.5cm tall. It's tall and slender shape encourages a lively stream of carbonation and a fluffy white head. Great for all lagers - from the light colours and dry flavours of Pilsners, to the more amber tones and tangy tastes of wheat beers
  • Real Ale Glass: 570ml capacity, 20.5cm tall. The curving tulip shape helps aroma release and builds a creamy light head. Perfect for all bitter ales, IPA's and lighter golden ales. A good glass to experience the profusion of craft beers we now enjoy
  • Cider Glass: 520ml capacity, 18.5cm tall. The slightly bulbous shape allows ample room for those who prefer ice with their cider. The resurgence for authentic ciders using only apple juice (not fruit concentrates) and natural sugars provides a wealth of well crafted choics to enjoy from this glass
  • Stout And Strong Glass: 570ml capacity, 17.0cm tall. The wide bowl lets you swirl the contents before you swig. This chalice style glass is matched to the robust flavours of darker beers and stouts, or the abundant choice of strong, continental brews. The shape also promotes an appreciation for the rich aromas in these styles of beers


Manufacturer's Codes:

DR3209/1 Cider

DR3209/2 Pilsner Lager

DR3209/3 Stout and Strong

DR3209/4 Real Ale


Size Guides / SpecificationLess

Glassware Dimensions:

  • Pilsner Lager Glass: 500ml capacity, 21.5cm tall
  • Real Ale Glass: 570ml capacity, 20.5cm tall
  • Cider Glass: 520ml capacity, 18.5cm tall
  • Stout And Strong Glass: 570ml capacity, 17.0cm tall



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