Croydex Ripley Bevelled Toilet Seat

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The Croydex Ripley Bevelled toilet seat has been beautifully designed with the customer in mind. Made from a moulded, durable wood the seat has been crafted with chrome plated hinges for added sophistication. Furthermore the hinges can be adjusted to suit most standard toilet pans and if that isn't enough then the seat has been treated with an Anti-Bacterial solution for pure sterilization.

Key Features

  • Anti-Bacterial treated surface
  • Adjustable hinges fit all standard toilets
  • Chrome plated hinges
  • Toilet seat hinges will adjust to suit fixing hole centres from 105mm to 195mm
  • Durable moulded wood
  • Sit Tight fixing system


Sit Tight fitting system

One of the biggest problems in most bathrooms these days is the toilet seat coming loose over time. Whether it be through normal use or incorrect fixing there is nothing worse that attempting to sit down on the toilet seat and then precariously slipping sideways!

This common problem can be solved immediately by fitting a Sit Tight 'Double Fixed' toilet seat to your toilet. Designed to give you the peace of mind that your toilet seat won't come loose, the Sit Tight toilet seat uses a glue and screw fixing system to secure the toilet seat hinges in place.

Using the toilet seat to get the correct position, the hinges are glued in place with a high strength adhesive. The toilet seat is fitted onto the pan and screwed in place using the tool provided. The 'Double-Fixed' toilet seat is ready to use straight away with no more movement; just Fit and Forget!

Hygiene 'N' Clean anti-bacterial treatment 

Hygiene 'N' Clean is an anti-bacterial treatment that is incorporated into the toilet seat at the time of manufacture. It inhibits the growth of bacteria and other organisms which can degrade products and generate unpleasant odours., whilst also protecting against E-Coli, Listeria, MRSA and Salmonella, to name but a few.



WL530222H 921236


Size Guides / SpecificationLess

Lid Length: 420mm
Lid Width: 350mm
Seat Length: 420mm
Seat Width: 360mm
Recommended distance between fixing holes and cistern: 89mm



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