Clulite Trio Pro LED Gunlight Package

(TRIO-PRO) PM ref: 927880


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Powerful gunlight with filtered LED heads that can be interchanged for difference scenarios. White LED produces standard beam, uses for high illumination. Red LED produces a dense beam, less likely to scare animals away. Green LED used when misty and foggy, focuses beam to stop it dissipating. The gunlight's battery can power the shooting torch for up to 10 hours on low beam, 2-3 hours on high beam.

Key Features

  • Trio-Pro gunlight package
  • Interchangeable LED heads
  • Filter bulbs
  • Rechargeable battery (6 hours recharge)
  • 2-3 hours use on high beam / 10 hours on low beam
  • Distance: 300m beam


Manufacturers code: TRIO-PRO


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Clulite Trio Pro Gunlight Specifications

Includes: 1 lamp, red LED head, green LED head, white LED head, battery, gun mounting kit, mains charger, wrist strap and mains charger.

Duration of use: 2-3 hours high beam / 10 hours low beam

Distance of beam: 300m



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