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  • Schoffel Knitted Tie

    Schoffel Knitted Tie

    £49.95 £36.95
  • Schoffel Silk Shooting Cravat
  • Schoffel Silk Tie

    Schoffel Silk Tie

    £39.95 £29.95
  • Schoffel Towelling Neck Choker
  • Schoffel Waltham Silk Tie

Our complete range of ties, handkerchiefs, braces and scarves. This range includes ties, cufflinks and braces from Sax Design, keeping up with the fashion trends and with a variety of designs such as country birds, tractors or game. Barbour hankies are available in a mixture of tartans or paisleys and come in sets of 3. Barbour scarves are 100% lambswool for warmth and comfort and are available in a wide range of colours and patterns.