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Schoffel Mens Trousers and Breeks

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  • Schoffel Canterbury 5 Pocket Jean

    Schoffel Canterbury 5 Pocket Jean

    £69.95 - £89.95
  • Schoffel Canterbury Cord Trouser
  • Schoffel Mens Ptarmigan Overtrousers
  • Schoffel Moleskin Breeks
  • Schoffel Ptarmigan Plus 2
  • Schoffel Ptarmigan Tweed Plus 2
  • Schoffel Ptarmigan Ultralight Overtrousers
  • Schoffel Saxby Overtrousers
  • Schoffel Snipe Overtrouser

Finishing Touches

Schoffel's overtrousers are designed for maximum performance and convenience, they are waterproof, windproof, breathable and can be packed away into their own pocket when not needed. Schoffel's breeks are designed to match the other clothing from the Ptarmigan range and are also waterproof, windproof and breathable.

For any day out shooting a pair of waterproof overtrousers or breeks is the finishing touch than many shooter overlook. On a wet day it’s the difference between having a good day, and giving up half way through and going home. The Schoffel range includes a pair of overtrousers to match the Ptarmigan Interactive jacket and a lightweight pair called the Saxby which match the Ketton jacket, and also pack down into their own pocket.