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Barbour Mens Wax Jackets

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  • Barbour Lightweight Sander Wax Jacket
  • Barbour Nolan Wax Jacket
  • Barbour Ogston Wax Jacket
  • Barbour Orta Wax Jacket
  • Barbour Reelin Wax Jacket
  • Barbour Ridge Wax Jacket

    Barbour Ridge Wax Jacket

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  • Barbour Sapper Wax Jacket
  • Barbour Silsden Wax Jacket

    Barbour Silsden Wax Jacket

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  • Barbour Stockman Coat
  • Barbour Strathyre Wax Jacket

    Barbour Strathyre Wax Jacket

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  • Barbour Toman Wax Jacket

    Barbour Toman Wax Jacket

    £229.00 £150.95
  • Barbour Trello Wax Jacket
  • Barbour Tresco Wax Jacket

    Barbour Tresco Wax Jacket

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  • Barbour Trooper Wax Jacket
  • Barbour Westmorland Waistcoat

Mens Barbour Wax Jackets

Our range of classic and contemporary mens Barbour wax jackets are designed for practical use in the field, yet remain fashionable and superbly styled. All mens Barbour wax jackets are manufactured to the highest standards, crafted to last a lifetime. You will find a Care and After Sales Booklet with your new jacket offering you expert advice on the care of your Barbour. For more information on aftercare, please visit our blog.

The J Barbour & Sons brand has been so successful in the production of waxed cotton jackets that many people still mistakenly use the term Barbour to describe any waxed jacket, when in fact they are generally talking about an inferior quality waxed cotton jacket (much like the Hoover brand and vacuum cleaners). The majority of the men's Barbour wax jackets are still based on high quality 6oz cotton, impregnated with wax to make them waterproof (as the oil basis of wax repels water, which consequently beads on the jacket and rolls off the surface without penetrating).

As modern breathable waterproof fabrics developed in the 80s and 90s, the men's Barbour wax jacket started a fall from grace. However, in recent years that has been reversed dramatically, with the assent of the good old fashioned waxed Barbour to the pinnacle of British fashion, with traditional styles such as the classic Durham and Beaufort amongst the strongest of the resurgent styles.

Whilst most of the men's Barbour wax jackets are constructed in 6oz waxed cotton, a number of heavier weight jackets are made from a 8oz fabric to give a really rugged durable finish and there are now a large number of ‘flyweight’ summer styles made in 4oz wax.

One of the things people love about their Barbour wax jacket is that they last for years, and as long as you look after them this is very true. Because of the wax content you cannot machine wash, or even hand wash a waxed jacket - and they can as a result be a little smelly! To clean them you simple sponge out marks, which generally works well against the wax, but the real care is in regularly re-waxing them. Through general use, and particularly exposure to sunlight, the wax will dry and lose its water repellence. However, for less than £10.00 you can buy a tin of wax to ‘reproof’ your coat, or even better send it back to Barbour and for about £30 they will do a fantastic job of making it look new again. They will also make repairs and alterations to your jacket, even when it’s reached such a state that you might think it's a lost cause!

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