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Free Delivery over £30 to selected locations
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Barbour Menswear

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  • Barbour Corbridge Utility Wax Jacket
  • Barbour Powell Quilted Jacket
  • Barbour Advection Wax Jacket
  • Barbour Aldwark Wax Jacket
  • Barbour Allen Jacket
  • Barbour Ampleforth Gilet
  • Barbour Arlington Jacket
  • Barbour Ashbrooke Jacket
  • Barbour Ashby Wax Jacket
  • Barbour Ashton Jacket
  • Barbour Astwell Shirt
  • Barbour Awe Casual Jacket
  • Barbour Bail Quilted Jacket
  • Barbour Bank Shirt
  • Barbour Beacon 94 Tee
  • Barbour Beam Crew Neck
  • Barbour Beaufort Wax Jacket
  • Barbour Bedale Wax Jacket
  • Barbour Bede Fleece Liner
  • Barbour Berwick Sports Cap
  • Barbour Blotter Quilted Jacket
  • Barbour Blunk Polarquilt

    Barbour Blunk Polarquilt

    £169.00 £149.00
  • Barbour Border Wax Jacket
  • Barbour Borrowdale Jacket
  • Barbour Bradford Gilet
  • Barbour Braeside Tee
  • Barbour Brandreth Wax Jacket
  • Barbour Bretby Gilet
  • Barbour Bridle Quilted Jacket
  • Barbour Bristol Wax Jacket
  • Barbour Burnished Leather Gloves
  • Barbour Burnside Shirt
  • Barbour Buttermere Wax Jacket
  • Barbour Carn Baffle Zip Thru
  • Barbour Cartmel Gilet
  • Barbour Cartmel Wax Jacket

Barbour Mens Clothing

New Barbour men's clothing now in stock! J Barbour and Sons Ltd made their name in the early part of the last century manufacturing quality oilskin jackets, and Barbour remains true to that tradition today. Whilst the modern wax Barbour has moved on in terms of style and construction, it remains a popular British classic, worn by everyone from the Queen downwards.

UK Barbour Stockists

Philip Morris & Son have been retailing Barbour clothing for over 20 years and as such have an unrivalled knowledge of the Barbour product range, both past and present. If you can’t find the Barbour item you desire online, contact us and we’ll try to help.