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Ariat footwear Care Products

Ariat Leather Cream Polish Chocolate
  • Renews and conditions.
  • Covers scuffs and scratches.
  • For all Ariat leather footwear
Ariat Liquid Wax Leather Conditioner
  • Cleans and conditions leather footwear.
  • Helps to waterproof leather.
  • Easy to apply bottle

Ariat Boot Care and Accessories

In this deprartment you'll find a range of products and accessories designed to keep your Ariat footwear performing to its best. Caring for your boots correctly can prolong the life of them and ensure that they give you many years of service.


Ariat Leather Care

It is particularly important to care for leather footwear. Much like human skin, leather can be become dry and crack if it not regularly moisturised. Applying leather care such as the Ariat Liquid Wax leather conditioner helps to keep the leather supple and prevent cracking. Conditioning the leather can also help it retains its natural water resistant properties.


Ariat also offer boot polish to help cover scuffs and scratches. These will naturally occur over the years and little can be done to prevent them. Ariat boot polish helps cover these and restore the colour of the leather keeping your boots looking newer for longer.