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Heritage 1845 Sale

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  • Heritage 1845 Mens Tweed Breeks
  • Heritage 1845 Unisex Saint Joseph Neo Wellingtons
  • Light Olive
  • Heritage 1845 Mens Moleskin Breeks
  • Heritage Mens 1845 Grafton Shirt
  • Heritage 1845 Mens Moleskin Trousers
  • Heritage 1845 Haywood Neo Wellington Boots
  • Heritage 1845 Dinedor Wellington Boots

Heritage 1845 sale is not one you should miss. This is our own brand, Philip Morris understand the importance of producing high quality items that are practical, long lasting and stylish, this brand embodies all of this. In our Heritage 1845 sale we have a fantastic range of boots including Saint Joseph wellington boots which have a thick 4mm neoprene lining which is both very comfortable and warm – perfect for the autumn/winter months within the range we have the 1845 Haywood neoprene boot which has a side zip making it even easier for putting on and removing this wellington. Also, in our Heritage 1845 sale we have the Dinedor wellington which has a jersey lining – perfect for all year round. Our Heritage 1845 sale also includes a wide range of shooting clothing and accessories. Also, in our Heritage 1845 sale there is a range of shooting attire including gun slips and cartridge bags. The Heritage 1845 sale also includes breeks, fleeces and gilets all made to a high standard.