Brabantia Rotary Essential Washing Line 50m 4 Arm

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This rotary essential dryer is ideal if you want a functional solution for drying your laundry outside. You achieve maximum drying taking up minimum room in the garden. This rotary essential lines give 50m drying length within 4.5 square metres. The 50m airers come with 4 arms.


Key Features

  • Weather resistant
  • Contains hanging loop for easy storage
  • Diagonal span width of 271cm
  • Easy to operate adjustable umbrella system
  • Washing lines can be tensioned in 2 positions
  • Easy to replace separate lines on each circuit
  • Easy strong line with non slip profile
  • Includes closable plastic ground tube (easy to place in concrete)
  • Robust coated steel construction
  • Sturdy 35mm diameter main tube
  • 5 Year Guarantee


The Brabantia 4 arm 50m rotary line has an easy to use adjustable 'umbrella' system. The extra strong clothes lines are easy to replace on this rotary dryer and it has over 50 metres of drying space. This washing line can be tensioned in two positions to suit your drying needs and it is designed to dry your clothes outdoors easily. Heavier items such as jeans, bedding and towels are the ideal test for it's non slip profile which doesn't disappoint. This rotary drying line from Brabantia can be folded down when not in use although known as a rotary, it does not turn.



310683 (50m 4 Arm Essential) 887010


Size Guides / SpecificationLess

Brabantia Rotary Airers: the differences between them


  • Height: 177cm approx.
  • Width: 189cm approx.
  • Diagonal span width of 295cm approx.


Although the Compact washing lines are available in sizes 30, 40 and 50 metres, the general span dimensions of the rotary do not change. The extra line length is added into additional arm holes thus giving more or less line space depending on the size purchased.



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