Bosmere Cover Up Range Barbecue Covers

(C700, C710, C715, C720) PM ref: 700570


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Keep your Barbecue protected from the elements with the Bosmere Cover Up Range BBQ covers. These heavy duty barbecue covers are made from PVC backed polyester and are fully waterproof. These Bosmere covers are also UV stabilised so they protect your BBQ from the suns rays which can cause discolouration. The heavy duty cord ties and locks supplied ensure these BBQ covers will stay in place in the windiest of conditions.


Key Features

  • High quality PVC backed polyester
  • Fully waterproof
  • UV protected
  • Wipe clean surfaces
  • Heavy duty cord ties and locks
  • Secure in windy conditions
  • Several sizes available
  • 6 year guarantee


Manufacturer's codes:

Barbeque cover

Kettle - C700 700570-0

Square - C705 700570-1

Trolley - C710 700570-2

Wagon - C715 700570-3

Super Grill - C720 700570-4

Gormet 3 Burner - C725 700570-5

Gormet 4 Burner - C730 700570-6

Kitchen - C723 700570-7



Size Guides / SpecificationLess


Kettle BBQ - Height 68cm / Diameter 71cm

Square BBQ - Height 74cm / Width 68cm / Depth 68cm

Trolley BBQ - Height 79cm / Width 97cm / Depth 51cm

Wagon BBQ - Height 91cm / Width 124cm / Depth 61cm

Super Grill BBQ - Height 97cm / Width 155cm / Depth 61cm

Gourmet 3 Burner BBQ - Height 74cm / Width 130cm / Depth 61cm

Gourmet 4 Burner BBQ - Height 74cm / Width 155cm / Depth 61cm

Kitchen BBQ - Height 90cm / Width 165cm / Depth 63cm



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