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Wireworks London Bathroom Accessories

Wireworks London Bathroom Accessories

Wireworks London

Wireworks London, established in 1988 offers innovative design solutions for the modern home including bathroom cabinets, storage containers, towel rails and wall shelves. Based out of a small workshop in London, its first products caught the eyes of judicious retailers with their stylish appearance and elegance. Now a quarter of a century after producing their first product, Lincoln Rivers and Darren Ziff still work with many of these retailers and have cemented connections with leading retailers around the world.

Why are Wireworks different to any other bathroom accessories manufacturer?

When it comes to Wireworks London they don't just design a product, they design the whole experience, hands-on end to end. There is a craft element in everything they do, from the person creating each piece during production to how it feels when you use it.

Wireworks progression as a company

Wireworks London are incredibly proud of how far they have come as a company since they were founded in 1988. Their first designs were shaped in wire. Today they work in sustainable hardwood with a variety of finishes and bespoke fittings. You'll find them in many different places as their business continues to grow in popularity and their elegant accessories increase in demand.

Wireworks - On a international level

Wireworks don't just offer their stylish bathroom accessories exclusively to the UK. Wireworks products are stocked by retailers internationally so wherever you are, you are able to buy their hand crafted and elegantly designed products to your bathroom. This alone shows the quality of Wireworks London as a business and their producsts.

Awards won

Design makes it better. Wireworks grew rapidly wining awards ranging from "Best new product" at Top Drawer to inclusion in the RIBA Stirling prize winning "Home" design