Showerdrape Freestanding Accessories

Showerdrape Kuba Bathroom CollectionNew item
  • Durable plastic.
  • Mordern design, to suit any bathroom interior.
  • Drying system to ensure soap is kept dry
from £3.99
Showerdrape Aero Toilet BrushNew item
  • Fingerprint resistant technology. 
  • Automatic opening and closing lid.
  • Black and silver satin finish
Showerdrape Minos Vanity MirrorNew item
  • Free standing vanity mirror.
  • Sturdy base.
  • Classic chrome finish
Showerdrape Panos Vanity MirrorNew item
  • Polished chrome on steel finish.
  • Sleek, modern design. 
  • Reversable two sided mirror face
  • Angled toilet brush for optimum toilet cleaning.
  • Stainless steel or fingerprint resistant material.
  • Sleek and modern design
Showerdrape Linos Vanity Hand MirrorNew item
  • Multi-functional vanity mirror. 
  • Reversable, with x3 magnification.
  • Stylish yet practical
Showerdrape Alexio Vanity Mirror
  • A classicly elegant design.
  • Chrome colour.
  • Reversable mirror
Showerdrape Rho Vanity MirrorNew item
  • Chrome finish. 
  • Sleek, decorative style. 
  • Vanity mirror. Perfect for any bathroom
Showerdrape Olympus Vanity MirrorNew item
  • Perfect for up close work
  • 5x magnification
  • Tall, slender stem
Showerdrape Teris Vanity MirrorNew item
  • Unique and helpful rectangular shape design.
  • Matching sturdy square base.
  • Double sided mirror
Showerdrape Midas Vanity MirrorNew item
  • Luxurious dimante decoration. 
  • Sturdy yet elegant. 
  • Useful one-side magnification
Showerdrape Vidos Vanity MirrorNew item
  • Magnificently tall, centrepiece mirror (40.5cm).
  • Double sided, one side x7 magnified. 
  • Silver chrome finishing
Showerdrape Omega Vanity MirrorNew item
  • Reversable two sided mirror. 
  • Sunstantial but modern looking.
  • Chrome on brass finish 
Showerdrape - 3 Tier Glass Rectangular Shelf Unit
  • 3 frosted glass shelves with chrome legs.
  • Perfect for any bathroom style.
  • Concealed fixings
Showerdrape 4 Tier Glass Rectangular Shelf Unit
  • Freestanding shelf unit.
  • Frosted glass shelves.
  • Concealed fixings
Showerdrape Bagno Hook Over Shower CaddyNew item
Free UK delivery
  • Sleek and modern storage solution. 
  • Two-tiered large basket spaces. 
  • Highest of quality materials

Showerdrape Freestanding Accessories

Freestanding Bathroom Accessories

Showerdrape offer a variety of freestanding bathroom accessories including soap dishes, tumblers, toothbrush holders, liquid soap dispensers and toilet brushes in several different design ranges such as the Spa, Arena and Dune. Storage solutions such as the 3 tier glass shelf unit are available for simple bathroom storage.

Showerdrape's range of bathroom accessories includes freestanding tumbler, toothbrush holders, soap dishes and dispensers and toilet brush holders. The contemporary Arena design range is available in black or white and the stylish Dune range features a sandstone-effect finish.

Also available is a 3 tiered rectangular glass shelving unit, ideal for bathroom storage. The convenient Showerdrape adjustable shower stool can be used in or out of the bath and is ideal for anyone who needs additional stability, safety and peace of mind in the shower or bath.