Shower Seats

Shower Seat TR7001Item on sale
  • Compact, folding shower seat.
  • Detachable from the wall bracket.
  • Durable plastic seat holds up to 160kg
Was £37.50 NOW £29.95
Croydex Shower Stool
  • Freestanding shower seat.
  • Rust-free materials.
  • Lightweight, easy to use
Croydex Wall Mounted Fold Away Shower Seat
Free UK delivery
  • Croydex wall mounted shower seat.
  • Fold away design.
  • Easy to clean
Croydex White Easy-Fit Bath Bench
Free UK delivery
  • Croydex in bath bench.
  • Easy to mount to bath tub.
  • Corrosion-resistant aluminium
Large Adjustable Shower Stool
Free UK delivery
  • Height adjustable shower seat.
  • Available in 2 sizes.
  • Extra assistance in the shower
from £67.95
Croydex Modular Shower Stool
Free UK delivery
  • Sturdy but lightweight shower seat.
  • Slip-resistant rubber feet, adjustable height.
  • Corrosion resistant
Was £84.99 NOW £69.99
Croydex Adjustable Bathroom and Shower Seat
Free UK delivery
  • Croydex shower chair.
  • Adjustable height to suit you.
  • Lightweight, easy to clean
Croydex White Fold Away Shower Seat
Free UK delivery
  • Croydex shower seat.
  • Wall mounted design.
  • Folds away neatly
Provex Series 300SD Shower SeatsItem on sale
Free UK delivery
  • Hygienic thermoplastic and aluminium
  • Weight capacity of 160 kg
  • Fully rustproof
  • Was £169.95 NOW £80.00
    Croydex Padded Backrest
    Free UK delivery
    • Croydex padded backrest.
    • Extra support.
    • Easy to clean
    Modular Shower Seat With Arms
    Free UK delivery
    • Croydex bathroom seat.
    • Full support with back and arm rests.
    • Made of rust-free materials
    from £95.95
    Croydex White And Chrome Shower Seat
    • Croydex shower seat.
    • Wall mounted design.
    • Provides extra assistance
    Miller Shower Seat Black
    Free UK delivery
  • Available in two finishes; black or white.
  • Stylish and modern chrome fixings.
  • Maximum capacity of 120kg
  • Was £149.99 FROM £111.75
    Croydex Newport Shower Seat
    Free UK delivery
    • Croydex fold down shower chair.
    • Easy to clean.
    • Provides extra support when showering
    Croydex Wall Mounted Shower Chair
    Free UK delivery
    • Wall mounted shower seating.
    • Padded seat for comfort.
    • Extra support
    Croydex Contemporary Frosted Fold Away Shower Seat
    Free UK delivery
    • Croydex wall mounted shower seat.
    • Frosted oval seat.
    • Folds away neatly
    Samuel Heath Folding Shower Seat
    Free UK delivery
    • Water resistant Iroko hardwood seat.
    • Folds up when not in use.
    • Solid brass fittings

    Shower Seats and Stools

    Comfortable shower seats for everyone including the young, the elderly and people with limited mobility. Bathroom companies such as Provex, Lakes, Showerdrape and Samuel Heath have combined their design sensibilities with their technical know-how to create user-friendly yet stylish shower seats. There are free standing or wall mounted options available in a variety of styles and designs.

    Our range of shower seats and stools includes folding and height adjustable options with either white plastic or water resistant wooden seats, with a variety of fitting options. These shower accessories are made to the highest standards to ensure the safety and stability of the user.