Mid Season Sale Ends 22nd October

Mid Season SALE Ends at Midnight 22nd October!

Mid Season SALE Ends Midnight October 22nd!

Bathroom Scales

Salter Coloured Glass Electronic Scales
  • 6 colours to choose from.
  • Toughened glass platform.
  • Easy to read LCD
  • £12.49
    Salter Ultra Slim Electronic Bathroom Scales Green
    • Ultra slim platform
    • Tap start for reliability and accuracy
    • Easy to read display
    Brabantia Battery Powered Bathroom Scales White
    • XXL capacity.
    • Accurate digital system.
    • Robust, non-skid scales
    Salter Doctors Style Mechanical Bathroom ScaleItem on sale
  • Easy to read full view dial with rotating pointer.
  • Extra high capacity.
  • Textured vinyl mat
  • £23.99
    Brabantia Black Solar Powered Scales
    • Double solar cells allow quick start.
    • No need for batteries.
    • Large capacity
    Salter MaxView Analyser Scales
    Free UK delivery
  • Ultra large display for easy reading.
  • Large toughened glass platform.
  • Simple operation
  • £34.99
    Brabantia Body Analysis Bathroom Scales
    • Measures weight, body fat and muscle percentage
    • Robust scales
    • Non-slip surface

    Digital and Mechanical Bathroom Scales

    Our range of digital bathroom scales are available in attractive and contemporary designs from Salter or Brabantia and feature easy-to-read digital displays which converts all modern units of measurement. We also have mechanical bathroom scales with a full dial display.

    Brabantia offer a range of high-tech bathroom scales with options which incorporate body analysis technology, solar powered capabilities and a scale which will double up as a wall clock. Salter provide a range of digital scales in a range of styles and sizes which have easy-to-read LED displays and can measure body fat, body water, muscle mass and BMI. Salter's mechanical scale has a large dial display with a large platform.

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