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Samuel Heath Other Spares


Samuel Heath L9838 Replacement Bottle For Liquid Soap Dispenser
  • Fits L302 and L303.
  • Plastic inner soap dispenser bottle.
  • Genuine Samuel Heath spare
Replacement plastic roller
  • Toilet paper roller.
  • Plastic roller for For L50 & L93T toilet roll holder.
  • Samuel Heath spare.
Samuel Heath L9835 Replacement Toothbrush Holder
  • Replacement holder for L82.
  • Made from white ceramic.
  • Genuine Samuel Heath spare part
N1113 Novis Glass Shelf
  • Replacement shelf for N1113 or N2113.
  • Frosted glass shelf.
  • Samuel Heath spare part
Samuel Heath L9854 Replacement Glass Shelf For N2114
  • Glass shelf for N2114 Curzon Glass Shelf.
  • Genuine Samuel Heath spare.
  • 533mm wide replacement shelf
N2115 Curzon Shelf
  • Replacement shelf for N1115 or N2115.
  • Samuel Heath spare part.
  • 610mm glass shelf
N7274 Skye Soap Dispenser
  • Samuel Heath soap dispenser pump.
  • Genuine replacement part.
  • For N4274, N9566, N47, N1047, L66, N6647
from £17.95
N9545 3-Tier Glass Shelf
  • Sameuel Heath spare glass shelf.
  • Will fit the N9545 3-tier glass shelf.
  • One replacement shelf only
N500/1 Wall Light
  • Spare lamp shade for N500/1.
  • Frosted glass.
  • Genuine Heath spare part
N1047 Soap Dispenser
  • Replacement cotainer for soap dispensers.
  • Will fir the N47, N1047 and L66.
  • White ceramic container
N7146 Series 8000 soap dispenser
  • Spare soap bottle and plunger for N7146
  • Fots the Series 8000 soap dispenser.
  • Chrome finish
N9543 Fairfield Glass Shelf
  • Replacement shelf for N9543.
  • Will fit the Samuel Heath Farfield glass shelf
  • Frosted glass
Series 7000 Glass Shelf
  • Series 7000 replacement glass shelf.
  • Samuel Heath spare part.
  • Frosted glass
N9561-B Fairfield Towel Rail
Free UK delivery
  • Spare ceramic towel rail for N9561-B and N9562-B.
  • White ceramic.
  • Samuel Heath replacement part
N5036 Xenon Shelf
  • Glass shelf for N5036 Xenon corner shelf.
  • Frosted glass.
  • Samuel Heath spare part
Series 7000 Soap Dispenser
  • Spare soap bottle & plunger for N7047.
  • Fits the Series 7000 soap dispenser
  • Chrome finish
N5137 Xenon Towel Rail
Free UK delivery
  • Single bracket for Xenon towel rails.
  • Samuel Heath spare.
  • Fits N5137, N5137-A and N5137-B
from £47.95
Replacement Metal Roller
Free UK delivery
  • Replacement roller for N52, N1052 and L229.
  • Solid metal.
  • Genuine Heath spare part
from £51.95
Samuel Heath L9806 Set Of Brackets For L5140 Xenon Square Mirror
Free UK delivery
  • Replacement brackets.
  • For use with Xenon mirror.
  • Samuel Heath spare
from £94.95
Xenon Soap Dispenser
Free UK delivery
  • Spare pump for Samuel Heath Xenon soap dispenser.
  • Aavailable in 4 finishes.
  • Genuine spare part
from £94.95
Samuel Heath L9877 Bottle Pump & Top For Soap Dispenser
Free UK delivery
  • Spare soap bottle pump & top for L302 or L303.
  • 4 finishes.
from £96.95
Sameul Heath L9851 Replacement Brackets For Glass Shelf
Free UK delivery
  • Spare shelf brackets.
  • Solid brass.
  • Samuel Heath spare part
from £124.95
Samuel Heath L9856 Replacement Brackets For Novis Glass Shelf
Free UK delivery
  • Pair of brackets.
  • Chrome plated.
  • Suitable for Novis glass shelves