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Caddies and Baskets

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  • Dark Grey Brabantia Shower Caddy
  • Dark Grey Brabantia Bathroom Caddy

Shower Caddies

Our range of shower caddies from Roper Rhodes, Miller, Heritage and Samuel Heath offer hanging storage solutions for your toiletries and bathroom accessories. These shower caddies are available with one, two or three shelves or baskets and come in a variety of classic or contemporary designs. Shower caddies are designed to hook over the shower door or enclosure although wall mountable options are available.

Our range of shower caddies are made by Samuel Heath, Roper Rhodes, Miller and Heritage using the best materials and state-of-the-art manufacturing technologies and methods to produce exquisite and long-lasting products. All of the shower caddies are made from solid brass which is then finished with either hardwearing chrome or antique gold plating.