Aga Bake-O-Glide Cook Set

(W1493, W2846) PM ref: 912385


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Aga's Bake-o-Glide cookshop cooking set. Perfectly cut pre cut shapes for use in Aga products such as loaf tins, roasting tins and on the simmering plate. This paper allows you to keep the food you want without having to use any extra fatty oils to get that excellent finish. The natural non-stick properties of these cooking liners allow you to cook almost anything you could think of. The paper is ideal for cooking fried eggs to perfection, or getting the chicken properly cooked for a gorgeous Sunday dinner. The cook set is available in 2 different styles - one is the standard Aga set and the other is the Aga total control set. These different sets are incredibly similar so you can't go far wrong with these excellent sets. The circle is the only item that changes in the set becoming slightly bigger to fit the simmering plate on a Total Control oven.

Key Features

  • Pre cut bake-o-glide shapes
  • 4 different cooking paper shapes
  • Ideal for all sorts including fried eggs and roast chickens
  • Standard Aga and Total Control Aga
  • Full size/half size roasting tin, cold plain shelf and simmer plate


Manufacturers code: W1493 (Standard Aga), W2846 (Aga Total Control)


Size Guides / SpecificationLess


Circle: Fits Aga Simmering pan

Rectangles: Fit Aga roasting tins

Rectangle: Fit cold plain shelf



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