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Jellycat Little Poppets 13cm Sheep
  • Jellycats Poppets collection.
  • Small cuddly stuff toy animals.
  • The perfect companion for your child
Jellycat Small Bashful Bunny Bluebell
  • Jellycat cuddly childrens toys.
  • Super soft, stuffed animals.
  • High quality materials for extra fluffiness.
Jellycat Yummy Animal Toys DucklingNew item
  • Jellycat Yummy tiny toy animals.
  • Super soft and fluffy.
  • Suitable for children from birth
Jellycat Toothy Hand Puppets LionNew item
  • Made from 100% polyester.
  • Childrens animal hand puppets.
  • Be whatever Jellycat animal you want to be
Jellycat Medium Bashful Animals Monkey
  • Soft cuddly kids toy animals.
  • Jellycats fluffy bashfuls collection.
  • Stuffed animals and magical beasts
Jellycat Medium Bashful Bunny 31cm Pink
  • Jellycat cuddly girls toy bunny rabbit.
  • Super soft fluffy childerns toy.
  • 31cm stuffed boys Jellycat rabbit
Jellycat Sweety Animal Soft Toy PuppyNew item
  • Jellycat soft toy animals.
  • Beautifully fluffy Sweetie childrens collection.
  • Large 30cm cuddly toys
Jellycat Fuddlewuddle Animals 23cm Puppy
  • Fuddlewuddle childrens stuffed animals.
  • Fluffy super soft toy animals.
  • Newborn or young childrens gift
Jellycat Freddie Fox Stuffed Toy
  • Jellycat fluffy toy character.
  • Super soft stuffed animal.
  • Cuddly fox with hat, scarf and waistcoat
Jellycat Gaston Duck Stuffed Toy
  • Large soft cuddly toy duck.
  • Cute beret, neckerchief and striped tshirt.
  • Perfect gift for a young child
Jellycat Quangle Wangle Toys 32cm AardvarkNew item
  • Jellycat Quangle Wangle soft animals.
  • Childrens cuddly toys.
  • Perfect for newborns and young children
Jellycat Mumbles Soft Toy Animals Panda
  • Super soft cuddly toy animals.
  • Jellycat Mumbles collection.
  • Suitable from birth

Jellycat is an organisation that takes pride in the fact it has revolutionised the cuddly toy industry. The excellent quality of their soft toys is simply impossible to match. Whether your favourite animal is a mouse or an elephant, a bird or a bear; Jellycat have tried their best to make every animal you could think of.

The history

Jellycat was established in London, in 1999. It rapidly grew to expand into the USA, Minneapolis to be precise, in 2001 where it quickly started to supply some of the finest department stores and boutiques in America. Since then, The company continued to grow even more; supplying more and more of Europe, Canada, Asia and you can now find them as far as Australia.

Fluffy balls of innovation

Originally, Jellycat saw themselves as a soft toy creator with a difference. It is still the aspiring idea of being so unusual that thrives them to carry on designing their fabulous designs, working with artists all over britain. They continue to produce qwerky and unique designs which are released twice a year in their new collections.

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