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®Hawke Nite-Eye Scopes 

Rifle Scope Hawke Nite-Eye Digi-IR SF 4-16x50

  • Digital illumination.
  • Side focus parallax.
  • New glass etched reticles


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Rifle Scope Hawke® Nite-Eye Digi-IR SF 4-16x50 image



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Hawke Nite-Eye Digi-IR SF 6-24x50 Scope

  • SR12 glass etched reticles
  • Digital illumination
  • Side focus parallax


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Rifle Scope Hawke® Nite-Eye Digi-IR SF 6-24x50 image



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How They Work

Rifle scopes magnify an image and put your eye on the same optic plane as the image you are viewing. Scopes magnify an image by bending light rays through a series of lenses within the scope.

The reticle is a series fine lines in the eye piece of the scope and is used for aiming your shot. Your rifle will shoot where ever it's pointed but you need the center of your scope's reticle to correspond to where your target is and where you want the bullet to finish at a given range.

Rifle scopes have either a fixed or variable magnification. Example: 4x, means the scope is fixed and enlarges the image by 4 times what you see with the naked eye. 3-9x50 means it's a variable power scope. The scope will magnify an image between 3 and 9 times and every power in between. The 50 means this scope has a lens with a 50mm diameter.

The Nite-Eye Range

New Hawke Nite-Eye Digital riflescopes have been specifically designed to meet the needs of hunters who require supreme optics for shooting in low light conditions such as dawn, dusk, or in wooded areas.The range contains the same great side focus optical system as the Varmint SF, with addition of a larger objective lens for increased light gathering at dawn and dusk.

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