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Space Saver Gun Cabinets

  • Space saving gun cabinet.
  • WIll hold up to 2 broken down shotguns.
  • 3 year warranty
Brattonsound VS2
  • Space saver gun cabinet for 2 guns.
  • Built to British standard.
  • Will hold up to 28 inch barrels

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Space Saver Cabinets

Depending on the location you want the gun safe, and the type of floor, it might be acceptable to secure straight to your floor by using 4 or more of the 8 fixing holes in the back or you can drill extra fixing holes in the side or end of the gun safe, so that it can also be secured to the wall. For removable use, the home fixing bracket can be secured to and removed from the bracket. The fixing bracket is optional so we have offered it at a discount price if wanted.

What we have

Our stock contains Brattonsound gun cabinets. Space Saver cabinets allow you to put your firearms away in a compact area that is still safe and secure - by law. The cabinets allow the owner to dismantle their guns, and store them in a small area whilst still being legal, safe and secure. Our cabinets also come with an offer for their fixing brackets that have over £10 off. If you want to know more about our space saver gun cabinets then get in contact with us or come in store and speak to our gun experts.

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