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Dog Whistles

Plastic Shepherds Mouth Whistle
  • Traditional shepherds dog training whistle.
  • Controlled range of pitches.
  • Assorted colours
Thunderer Whistle
  • Classic dog training whistle.
  • Available in deep and high tones.
  • Tough polycarbonate plastic
  • from £3.25
    Plastic Dog Whistle
    • Most popular dog whistle on the market.
    • Available in 3 pitches.
    • Made in England
    from £7.85
    212 Protrailer Whistle
    • Small but high pitched, no pea.
    • Made in England from tough plastic.
    • Produces a solid, single, high frequency tone
    Acme Stag Horn Whistle ACSH
    • Natural horn material.
    • Single Tone.
    • No Pea
    Silent Dog Whistle
    • Fully adjustable silent dog whistle.
    • Chain linked cover for mouth piece protection.
    • Helpful against noisy dogs

    Dog Training Whistles

    Dog training whistles are used because they are much easier for a dog's hearing to detect and the sound, although undetectable to the human ear, will carry much further than a human call. Also, silent whistles will not disturb game if you are out on a shoot and need to control your companion.

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