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Kilner Drink Works Thermometer

Kilner Drink Works Thermometer

(0025.559) PM ref: 916338


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A thermometer is an essential item for brewing especially during the stages of fermentation. Fermentation is tricky to get right and the temperature of your brew is a key factor to success. If the temperature is too cold then the yeast in the brew will go dormant and will not work properly. If it is too hot then the yeast will uncontrollably ferment and usually produce fusel alcohols which has solvent-like taste.

Key Features

  • Brewing thermometer
  • Reads from -10 up to 150 degrees celcius.
  • Extremely long to reach the bottom of the bucket
  • Use as a stirrer whilst reading temperature
  • Made from glass
  • Essential brewing item


Manufacturers code: 0025.559



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Measures brew temperature

Length: 29.5cm


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