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Preserve starter kit

Kilner 10 Piece Preserving Starter Set

(0025.360) PM ref: 924882


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Perfect for those who wish to start as well as those with more experience, Kilner's preserve starter kit contains everything you need to make gorgeous homemade jams, chutneys and more. It features items to help you sterilise your jars, decant your jam mixture and store it in style. All items are made to Kilner's exacting standards.


Key features:

  • Jam making kit
  • Four 0.5L screw top jars
  • Jam spoon
  • Jar tongs
  • Stainless steel funnel
  • Twelve jar covers
  • Twelve labels
  • Twenty elastic bands



0025.360 (Ten piece set) 924882



Size Guides / SpecificationMore

Jam starter kit size guide

This set contains the following items:

-   4 x 500m jam jars

-   1 x jam spoon

-   1 x tongs

-   1 x stainless steel funnel

-   12 x jar covers

-   12 x labels

-   20 x elastic bands


This item measures:

-   Width: 180mm / 7.1"

-   Height: 220mm / 8.7"

-   Length: 220mm / 8.7"


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