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Meat Tenderisers & Cutters

T&G Woodware Steak Hammer
  • Eco-friendly FSC® certified beech wood.
  • Double sided meat tenderiser.
  • Hand-wash recommended
T&G Woodware Steak Hammer with Metal Face
  • Helps tenderise even the toughest of meats.
  • Sustainable and eco-friendly wood.
  • Rough and flat ends
Global Knives Butchers Knife 18cm
Free UK delivery
  • Butchers Knife 18cm
  • G Series
  • Longer bladed knives
  • Weighted hollow handles

Tenderising meat with a mallet softens the fibres and sinews of the meat, making the meat easier to chew, and easier to digest and more enjoyable to eat. Cutting through meat is like cutting through butter with Brabantia's meat shears or one of our outstanding carving knives.

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