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Stellar 6000 Non-Stick Frypan
  • 3 sizes available.
  • Amazing non-stick performance.
  • Offer excellent heat distribution
from £26.00
Stellar 6000 Non-Stick Milk Pan
  • Induction ready
  • Hard anodised surfaces
  • Lifetime guarantee
Stellar 6000 Non-Stick Sauce Pot
  • Can be used as a sauce or milk pot
  • Suitable for all hob types including induction
  • Cast steel handle
Stellar 6000 30cm Crepe Pan With Bale Handle
  • Unique handle for easier lifting
  • Excellent heat dispersion
  • Amazing non-stick performance
Stellar 6000 Non-Stick Saucepan
  • Available in 3 sizes.
  • Hard anodised surface.
  • Teflon® Platinum Plus non-stick coating
from £41.00
Stellar 6000 30cm Crepe Pan
  • Anodised surfaces are hard and durable
  • Heat conduction - cooks evenly
  • Triple layer non-stick technology
Stellar 6000 Non-Stick Square Griddle
  • Suitable for induction hobs
  • Offers excellent heat dispersion
  • Fantastic non-stick performance
Stellar 6000 Stir Fry With Helper Handle
  • Scratch resistant non-stick coating
  • Cast steel handles
  • Highly efficient heat transfer
Stellar 6000 Non-Stick Saute Pan
  • Suitable for all hob types.
  • Constructed with hard anodised surfaces.
  • Lifetime guarantee
from £60.00
Stellar 6000 Non-Stick Casserole
  • Suitable for induction hobs
  • Harder than steel anodised surfaces
  • Scratch-resistant non-stick coating
Stellar 6000 Non-Stick Saute With Side Handles
  • Quality cookware for demanding home chefs.
  • Steel side handles.
  • Stainless steel lid
Stellar 6000 Wok With Lid
  • Induction ready base
  • Offers fantastic heat dispersion
  • Scratch resistant Teflon® coating
Stellar 6000 Non-Stick Stockpot
  • Excellent heat dispersion - heats the walls and the base
  • Suitable for any hob type
  • Lifetime guarantee
Stellar 6000 Roasting Pan With Rack
Free UK delivery
  • Incredibly hard anodised surfaces
  • Cast steel handles
  • Lifetime guarantee
Stellar 6000 Square Roaster With Lid
Free UK delivery
  • Tough anodised steel
  • Premium steel handles and lid
  • Teflon® Premium Plus non-stick coating
Stellar 6000 3 Piece Saucepan Set
Free UK delivery
  • Hard anodised non-stick saucepans.
  • Stainless steel handles and lids.
  • Lifetime Stellar quarantee
Stellar 6000 5 Piece Non-Stick Pan Set
Free UK delivery
  • 5 set of Stellar pots and pans.
  • Non-stick essentials.
  • Hard Anodised scratch resistant pans

Stellar 6000 Range

If you're looking for an outstanding range of feature-filled cookware that is designed to withstand the rigours of everyday use, then look no furthur than the Stellar 6000 range. This truly amazing range of gourmet pans will suit the most demanding home cooks, as well as professional chefs. The Stellar 6000 range features hard anodised surfaces that are twice as hard as steel. Not only is this range durable, it also offers outstanding non-stick performance thanks to the amazing Teflon® Platinum Plus coating. Another great feature of this range is the excellent heat dispersion it offers thanks to the induction ready bases making this range highly efficient and ensuring a more even cook.

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