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Stellar 3000 Frying Pan Black
  • Classic frying pan design.
  • Rubber non-conductive handle.
  • Strong, durable stainless steel
from £58.00
Stellar 3000 Non-Stick Saucepan
Free UK delivery
  • High quality stainless steel.
  • Teflon non-stick coating.
  • Even heat distribution across hobs
from £78.00
Stellar 3000 Non-Stick Saute Pan 24cm
Free UK delivery
  • Durable, high quality stainless steel.
  • Rubber, safe grip.
  • DuPont Teflon non-stick coating
Stellar 3000 Non-Stick Casserole Pan
Free UK delivery
  • Durable casserole cooking pot.
  • Great quality stainless steel.
  • DuPont Teflon non-stick coating
Stellar 3000 Frying Wok Black
Free UK delivery
  • Strong and durable classic frying wok.
  • Perfect for cooking all foods.
  • Great for oriental cooking
Non-Stick Saute Pan with helper handle
Free UK delivery
  • Stainless steel pan.
  • Perfect for quick frying.
  • Helping handle for easy movement
Stellar 3000 3 Piece Pan Set
Free UK delivery
  • A set of 3 high quality saucepans.
  • Ideal for a long lasting set of pans.
  • Various sizes of pans
Stellar 3000 5 Piece Pan Set Black
Free UK delivery
  • Stylish and modern set of pans.
  • Coloured to match with appliances.
  • Robust, Durable stainless steel

Stellar 3000 Range

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