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Kilner Bottle Collection

Replacement seals for clip top bottlesItem on sale
  • Replacement seals for clip top bottles.
  • Re-use up to 10 times.
  • Pack of 12
Kilner Hexagonal Twist Top Bottle 250ml
  • Shape glass sauce bottle.
  • Unique bottle design.
  • Stores sauces, oils and cordials
from £1.55
Kilner Round Twist Top Bottle 250ml
  • Recycled glass bottles.
  • Aluminium lid for longer freshness.
  • Stores coridals, sauces and oils
from £1.55
500ml Drink Works Bottle Single
  • Amber glass home brew bottle.
  • 40% recycled glass.
  • Special design for fermentation in brewing
Mini bottle x1
  • Plastic clip-top lid with airtight rubber seal.
  • Mini preservation bottle.
  • Dishwasher safe
from £1.95
Single dressing bottle
  • Great for homemade dressings, drinks and infusions.
  • 30% recycled glass.
  • Made in England
from £1.95
Pack A
  • Blue gingham pattern with Kilner logo.
  • Set of six replacement lids.
  • Different sizes
Drink Works 750ml Bottle Single
  • Reycled amber coloured beer bottles.
  • Home brewing Kilner glass bottles.
  • Embossed Kilner logo
from £2.35
500ml clip top bottle
  • With plastic lock lid.
  • Ideal for infusing.
  • Dishwasher safe
  • from £2.45
    Milk bottle single
    • Perfect for homemade milkshakes and cordials.
    • Twist top lid for freshness.
    • Holds a third of a pint
    from £2.55
    Clip top bottle in Pink
    • Perfect for infusing oils.
    • Vintage colours.
    • Airtight seal
    from £2.55
    Kilner Drink Works 50 crown caps
    • Crown cap bottle tops.
    • 50 metal bottle caps.
    • Branded tops with Kilner logo
    275ml sloe gin bottle
    • Robust glass bottle.
    • Dishwasher safe.
    • Clip top
    from £2.65
    Single Vintage Clip Top Bottle
    • Practical carry handle for transport.
    • Substantial and secure clips.
    • Red ceramic lid
    from £2.75
    1 litre clip top bottle
    • Ideal for infusing.
    • Plastic lid lock.
    • Re-useable
    from £2.85
    Pint milk bottle
    • Holds one pint of your favourite beverage.
    • Perfect for entertaining or storage.
    • Secure twist top lid
    Single clip top water bottle
    • Great for water, homemade drinks and infused oils.
    • Rubber seal for freshness.
    • Ceramic lid
    from £2.95
    Pack of 6 bottle stoppers
    • Designed to be used with the Kilner spirit bottle.
    • Also fits19mm wide bottles.
    • Logo on top
    Vintage water bottle
    • Glass bottle with carry handle.
    • Rubber seal for freshness.
    • Secure red ceramic lid.
    1 litre clip top bottle in assorted colours
    • Pink, Blue and Green bottles.
    • Handwash only.
    • Airtight seal
    from £3.55
    Single bottle
    • Perfect for serving beverages.
    • Swing top with locking clip.
    • Distinctive bee hive shape
    from £3.85
    Kilner Drink Works Knock on Capper
    • Home brewing equipment.
    • Essential for bottling your produce.
    • Great handheld tool
    Glass spirit bottle with cork stopper
    • Sturdy glass bottle with cork stopper.
    • Perfect for homemade sloe gin.
    • Embossed Kilner logo
    from £5.15
    Eight piece kit
    • Perfect for homemade fruit liqueur and gins.
    • Machine washable cloth.
    • Dishwasher safe items
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