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Aga Cast Iron Cookware

Baking dish in ClaretItem on sale
  • Take your food straight from oven to table.
  • Fully enamelled.
  • Available in three sizes

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Cast iron has been used as a cookware material for centuries, thanks to its excellent heat retention properties that lock in flavours and succulence during cooking. This Aga cookware collection builds upon these properties by coating the range with a colourful collection of claret and glossy black enamels, which will not only look beautiful in your kitchen but also helps to make these items dishwasher safe. They are also highly resistant to acid, so they will be part of your collection for years to come. Additionally, whilst these frying pans, casseroles and baking dishes are the perfect complement to your Aga, they will also perform well on other cooker and hob types.

Did you know?

Enamelled cast iron does not need the regular seasoning that bare cast iron does to protect the surface from rust and to ensure a non-stick surface. Instead, the vitreous glaze protects the metal from the air, preventing rust from forming, halting food from sticking to the cookware and allowing a much more thorough cleaning. It can also halt the leach of dietary iron into your food that can happen with traditional cast iron casserole dishes and frying pans. Furthermore, the enamel can be pigmented with many different colours, to produce the vibrant claret and the glossy black found in this collection.

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