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Leifheit Rotary Airers & Washing Lines

Leifheit Rotary Airers

Leifheit LinoPush 400 Rotary Dryer
  • Exceptional value washing line.
  • Made from sturdy aluminium.
  • Cover and ground socket included
Leifheit Rotary Airer Linotrend 500 Longline Washing Line
Free UK delivery
  • Reliable and durable rotary washing line.
  • 46 metres of line.
  • 3 years guarantee
Leifheit LinoLift 600 Rotary Dryer
Free UK delivery
  • Easy opening and tensioning.
  • 60m of line space.
  • Sturdy and weatherproof washing line
Leifheit Linomatic Deluxe Rotary Dryer
Free UK delivery
  • Available in 3 sizes.
  • Line retraction mechanism.
  • Easy-Lift System
from £114.99
Leifheit Linomatic Comfort Rotary Dryer
Free UK delivery
  • Retractable lines.
  • Strong aluminium construction.
  • 2 lengths: 40m and 50m
from £119.99
Linomatic Plus
Free UK delivery
  • In 2 sizes: 50m and 60m.
  • Line retraction mechanism.
  • Easy opening & closing
from £139.99

Leifheit's range of rotary clothes airers includes the Linomotion, a flexible rotary airer for inside or outside use, simply assembled between the ceiling and floor. The Linotrend rotary, which although is the base model in the Leifheit range in the UK, does not lack quality in any way. The Linomatic brings innovation to the rotary market because upon closing the rotary for storage, the cord lines disappear inside of the 4 arms, keeping the cords free from dirt and grime.

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