Brabantia from Philip Morris

Brabantia Postboxes Painted & Stainless Steel

Brabantia post boxes are all made from high quality corrosion-resistant materials. The post boxes are available in a variety of sizes, shapes and colours including white, black, green, grey and stainless steel. Brabantia post boxes can be wall mounted although mounting posts are available if you don't have a suitable surface to mount the post box onto.

Each Brabantia post box is supplied with 2 coded keys and the fixtures are only accessible from inside the box to prevent it from being removed. The size of the post box is important, Brabantia post boxes are XXL size so if you are often away from home a Brabantia post box it can easily accommodate several days worth of mail.

Brabantia B110 Steel Post Box

  • Opens at the top
  • Noise-dampening materials
  • Safety lock with 2 coded keys

(665301, 665349, 665400)

Brabantia Postbox B110 Steel Post Box Green image
From £52.99

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Brabantia B100 Steel Postbox

  • Galvanised steel.
  • Will hold several days mail.
  • Secure lock with 2 coded keys

(612008, 612046, 612707, 427640)

Brabantia B100 Steel Postbox Black image
From £69.99

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Brabantia B560 Steel Postbox

  • Strong galvanised steel.
  • Holds several days worth of mail.
  • Secure lock with 2 coded keys

(480843, 643002)

Brabantia Postbox B560 Steel Post Box Matt Steel image
From £81.99

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Brabantia B410 Steel Postbox

  • Patented security slats.
  • Holds several days worth of mail.
  • Noise dampening materials

(480829, 427121, 427084)

Brabantia Postbox B410 Steel Post Box Anthracite image
From £87.99

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Brabantia B210 Steel Postbox

  • Strong galvanised steel mailbox.
  • Weatherproof - no wet mail.
  • Secure lock with 2 coded keys
  • (640506, 640544)

    Brabantia Postbox B210 Steel Post Box White image
    From £95.99

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    Brabantia B180 Steel Postbox

  • Galvanised steel mailbox.
  • Secure lock with 2 keys.
  • Extra wide opening for your post
  • (480805)

    Brabantia Postbox B180 Steel Post Box Anthracite image



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    Brabantia B620 Stainless Steel Postbox

  • Safety lock with 2 coded keys.
  • Opens at the top.
  • Suitable for wall and post mounting  
  • (633003)

    Brabantia B620 Stainless Steel Postbox image



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    Brabantia B500 Stainless Steel Post Box

  • Rainwater proof flap.
  • Made of high grade steel.
  • Suitable for large letters and catalogues
  • (629167)

    Brabantia Postbox B500 Stainless Steel Post Box image



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    Brabantia B170 Postbox With Newspaper Holder

  • Extra large capacity with newspaper holder.
  • Extra-wide opening.
  • 5 year guarantee
  • (617003)

    Brabantia B170 Stainless Steel Postbox With Newspaper Holder image


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    Brabantia Postboxes

    Brabantia post boxes are constructed from extra-thick stainless steel plate and each feature an extremely solid cylinder lock. The box can be emptied using the unique mail receptacle, which makes sure no mail falls to the ground. Each Brabantia post box is made from galvanised steel and is weatherproof, so the contents will not get wet in bad weather. Noise dampening materials are used on all Brabantia postboxes to reduce the noise made when the box is used. Several Brabantia postboxes including the B410 and B700 feature patented security slats which prevent your mail from being taken by anyone who doesn't have a key. There are several variations in the letter aperture of the Brabantia postboxes, some have a top opening slot such as the B110 and some have a front entry aperture like the B100, both are designed for functionality and optimal weather resistance.

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