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Hozelock Water Store Gel
  • Water storing gel & feed.
  • Reduce your water consumption by 90%.
  • Simply mix with compost to lock water in
Rainfall Measure
  • Conical shape rainfall measure.
  • Calibrated in inches and millimetres.
  • Max capacity of 2 inches / 50m

Hozelock storing gel, Hozelock Drip irrigation Aqua Pods, Water Butts and Electronic Timers are all designed for the professional gardener and are often used by the novice who takes pride in their garden. You may need to get rid of those unsightly weeds in which case you can find the sprayers here in different sizes. Maybe your due a holiday and you want somebody to water your plants, look no further with our automatic watering systems you need not worry about it again. In fact fit a Hozelock automatic watering system and then relax because its not just for when your on holiday.

Water Butts are a more common sight in the garden now. More and more people are looking for a greener way of living and bigger money saving ideas and with a greater amount of water meters being installed the water butt is becoming very popular. Hose systems can plug into your water butt, save you money and even help you water your garden when a hose pipe ban in force.

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