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Bosmere Christmas Range

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Bosmere Christmas Gift Wrap Sleeves
  • Set of two wrapping paper sleeves.
  • Allows for easy storage.
  • Holds approx 4-6 rolls
Bosmere Christmas Wreath Bag
  • Protective bag for festive wreaths.
  • Zipped storage bag.
  • Available in two sizes
from £6.99
Bosmere Christmas Decorations Bag
  • Storage bag for Christmas decorations.
  • Fully zipped for easy access.
  • Keeps decorations clean
Bosmere Christmas Tree Bag
  • Fully zipped bag for Christmas trees.
  • Durable carry handles.
  • Protects from dust, dirt and grime
Bosmere Christmas Outdoor Lighting Storage Bag
  • Storage bag for Christmas lights.
  • Fully zipped.
  • Includes 3 wire holders for lights
6 foot tree stand
  • Sturdy plastic christmas tree base.
  • Available for 6 or 8 foot trees.
  • Adjustable screws
  • Traditional style stand.
  • Available in 4 or 5 inch diameters.
  • 4 colours available
from £21.99

Bosmere Christmas Tree Stands and Decoration Bags

Bosmere's Christmas range provides the perfect storage solutions for all of your festive decorations and equipment. These bags are ideal for storing Christmas decrations over the rest of the year when they're stuck up the attic or in the shed. These bags will keep them protected and clean, as well as easy to manage. Gone are the days of having to rumage through years worth of decoration trying to find the correct ones!


Bosmere also offer Christmas tree stands for both real and artificial Christmas trees. Available in either plastic or metal, Bosmere also offer a traditional or contemporary design to suit your tastes. Whatever your storage needs for the festive season, Bosmere have got it covered!

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